6 most Instagram-friendly spots in Istanbul

Istanbul is loved for its colorful streets and stunning views. With so many beautiful sights, it would be a shame to leave your smartphone behind. You'll definitely want to update your Instagram as you explore! In order to give you the best chances for some stunning pics, we've selected five of the most Instagram-friendly spots Istanbul has to offer.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Known as the Blue Mosque, the beauty of Sultan Ahmed Mosque will quite literally take your breath away. Marvel at its architectural design from the exterior, and then take a walk inside to capture the striking blue tiles. Psst! It sits right next to the Hagia Sophia.

Galata Tower

The tower is a real beauty and also carries rich history. Its presence is magnificent during the day, but even greater while it lights up the city at night. Apart from being an eye-catching landmark, Galata Tower gives you the best view of Istanbul. The Radisson Blu Hotel, Istanbul Pera is located only 10 minutes away by foot, so perfect for a stroll to the tower whenever you want to take a beautiful picture!

Balat Streets

The historic streets of Balat will provide you with a perfect street photo for your gallery. The neighborhood is located in the capital district Fatih and is known as the Jewish quarter. Above all, the rows of colorful houses is what makes Balat unique. Come here when you want to add a fun pop of color to your Instagram feed!

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia (or Ayasofya, if you want to refer to it like the locals) was originally built as a cathedral, but is now a museum. In addition to paying it a visit, the best photos can be taken from a distance. Istanbul is full of spots for you to enjoy the view of Hagia Sophia from various angles and heights, so you will leave your holiday with plenty of mesmerizing pictures of this historic landmark.

Instagram-friendly spots: Hagia Sophia Sunrise

Karaköy neighborhood

Karaköy is a relaxed neighborhood with an urban spirit that will leave you with some good vibes. The popular Karabatak Café is just one of the places where you can find tables flowing out into the street. Its charm is definitely worth a visit (as well as a post on your Instagram feed!). Make sure to stop under the rows of colorful umbrellas hanging above you to spot a picture perfect moment.

Otagtepe Park

Otagtepe is a park located on the Asian side of Istanbul. The gorgeous standpoint gives you an overview of Fatih Sultan Ahmet Bridge and the infamous beautiful blue waterway, the Bosphorus. If you like a breath-taking views, this is the place to go. Radisson Blu Bosphorus Hotel, Istanbul is located about 30 minutes by car away from the park. Stay at the Radisson Blu hotel and you'll be able to enjoy the view of the Bosphorus right from your room or the hotel's restaurant, Et Cetera on the Bosphorus!

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