5 Cities for Beer Lovers on International Beer Day

Trappist beer

August 4th is International Beer Day, so we've put together a selection of cities where beer lovers are sure to love the variety of tastes and colors and enjoy raising a pint with the locals.

1. Brussels

Not including Belgium in this list would simply not be right! Belgium has over 160 different breweries, ranging from micro to large scale. The country boasts an estimated total of around 1000 different beers, and many have their own respective glass in which only that beer may be served. Therefore, to truly savor the taste of the beer the way the brewers created it - that is in its specially designed glass - one must head to Belgium! What better place to start than Brussels? With the Grand Place, Royal Palace, and stunning historic buildings as a backdrop, there's no better city to get the full Belgian beer experience than here.

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Belgian beer

Psst! Don't miss the annual Belgian Beer weekend this September!

2. Hamburg

German brewers still make their beer according to the “German Purity Law”. How cool is that? Germany is indeed often top of mind when we think of traditional brews. Hamburg has an especially long history of beer brewing dating back to the Middle Ages. And, most recently, we've seen an emerging trend with craft beers being brewed according to traditional methods.

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Brew Hamburg

3. Prague

Prague boasts some of the best pubs and bars in Europe, serving what’s thought of by locals as the best beer in the world. The Czechs have been brewing beer since the 12th century, so it’s safe to say that they know what they’re doing. Well-loved for its bicycles and beer, there are few better ways to explore this historic city than with a cycling tour and classic pub crawl.

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Prague Praha beer

4. Vilnius

Take the less-traveled beer lover's path to Vilnius to experience beer the way local Lithuanians do. By wandering off the beaten track, you’ll find cozy bars, local hang-outs and dark taverns harking back to the city’s medieval roots. Local favorites, you ask? Check out our blogpost to learn about the different varieties as well as the best places to test them out and mix with the locals.

Vilnius beer

5. Riga

While Latvia may not be the first country you think of when it comes to beer, we promise Riga will provide you with a beer unlike any you've tried before. And you have to go to the Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel to experience it! The hotel makes honey beer from its very own beehives installed on its rooftop. Blu Bee Beer. Sweet!

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