An international food festival in Turku

In October all sorts of foodies and gastronomy lovers gather in the Finnish city of Turku for a delicious international food festival, taking visitors on an exciting culinary trip.

For one week international chefs and bartenders come up with their own takes on local dishes, exploring and reinventing the culinary map of Finland! The guest chefs are challenged to create their own four course menus from the best ingredients the local Archipelago, a beautiful natural spectacle boasting over 20.000 islands and islets, has to offer.

Nine restaurants and ten bars and cafes are participating, among them also Greta Grönholm, the bartender of the local Radisson Blu Marian Palace Hotel’s Marina Bar & Lounge, who will mix some extra creative cocktails for you!


A great opportunity to to visit Turku and dive into the local culinary scene: try out delicious dishes inspired by traditions from Iceland, Estonia, Ukraine, Finland and many others.

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