Island fun: a guide to Gran Canaria

things to do in Gran Canaria - view to a beach in Gran Canaria, clear water and sunny.

From water sports and mountain trekking to relaxing at the pool or beach -  beautiful Gran Canaria has lots of activities to offer. Here's our guide to the top things to do in this exciting place which has something in store for everyone.

Go marine wildlife spotting 

One of the greatest things to do in Gran Canaria is whale and dolphin spotting, just south of the island. One of the departure points for those trips is the Puerto Base in Puerto Rico, less than 10 mins by car from the Radisson Blu Resort, Gran Canaria. Different companies offer tours in multiple languages to make sure you make the most of your trip and return home with plenty of beautiful photos and interesting facts on marine life.

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Wander through the botanical garden

For plant lovers and nature enthusiasts the Canary Botanical Garden (Jardín botánico Canario) is a must. It's one of the oldest of its kind in Spain and considered to be one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Created by a Swedish botanist in 1952, it is now dedicated to collecting, studying and growing Canarian flora. The garden features more than 2000 plant species, and 500 of them are endemic to the island. The total reserve covers an area of 27 hectares.

Canary Botanical Garden plants

Walk through the desert-like sand dunes

Some people call Gran Canaria a "miniature continent", and rightly so: besides tropical beaches, the island is also home to beautiful sand dunes with a real desert feel. The spectacular Maspalomas sand dunes, part of a national park since 1994, features countless walking trails through the dunes. One of the most spectacular view points is when the dunes blend in with the beaches and the ocean: an extraordinary panorama. Remember to prepare for the high temperatures and sun exposure by bringing enough water and sun protection.

things to do in Gran Canaria - Maspalomas sand dunes, Gran Canaria.

Treat yourself with Aloe Vera therapy

One of the species available in abundance in Gran Canaria is Aloe vera. Thanks to its unique climate, the island has developed a special kind of the popular plant. Accordingly, a lot of different Aloe Vera cures are available. Its beneficial properties are used in creams, soaps or shampoos, and treating yourself to an Aloe Vera therapy during your stay in Gran Canaria will be particularly pleasant and rewarding.

things to do in Gran Canaria - a woman having a face treatment with Aloe vera.

Try parasailing 

If you are more of an adventure type, think about trying parasailing. Thanks to the warm climate and stable temperatures, this activity can be enjoyed all-year round, for example at Anfi Del Mar Beach, only 7 minutes away from the Radisson Blu Resort. A great way to have fun, be adventurous and, at the same time, enjoy spectacular views over the landscape and beaches of Gran Canaria. A lot of other water sports are easily accessible too, from body-boarding and wind surfing to fishing and kite-surfing.

things to do in Gran Canaria - a family of a father and two kids parasailing and having fun.

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