It´s milk o´clock in Swinoujscie

Swinoujscie beach

What better way to explore hidden paths than to hunt for food in the process? Once in Swinoujscie, you’ll have to visit at least one of Poland’s fabled Bar Mleczny, or Milk Bar in English. Apart from milk, these local canteens serve dairy-based and vegetarian local dishes. Nowadays you’ll also find meat recipes. These culinary gems are basically as culturally vital for the Poles as the Eiffel Tower is for the French. Why?

Swinoujscie dessert

Historically, the story of the Milk Bar is quite intriguing. While the first Milk Bar opened back in 1896, it first truly rose to popularity after World War I. The food’s low price and yummy taste were a pure delight for the majority of the population that were in quite of a pickle, economically. After World War II, Poland became a communist state, and so the Milk Bars gained momentum once again. This time rising to ideological prominence. Regular restaurants were too fancy and capitalistic to keep, whilst the Milk Bars were considered a gift to the working class.

A visit worthwhile

Milk Bars have made a nostalgic comeback. Some continue to serve delicious, homemade food for no more than 5 Euros – and that’s including a drink! However, like with all things in life, you’ll have to look for it. A quest for your favorite Milk Bar will grant you memories of charming alleys you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed, an authentic experience and a full stomach for pennies. When has a great, traditional meal failed to put a smile on a hungry fellow’s face?

Swinoujscie pancakes

A meal to remember

Once you find the ideal place to dine, the next exciting challenge will be lurking around the corner. Since most menus are in Polish, there’s rich opportunity to learn basic Polish or simply embrace the surprise. You might be tempted to ask your tablemate for help, but you shouldn’t count on their English skills. Consider the lack of understanding as part of the experience. If worse comes to worst, you can always point at the word pierogi (dumplings) – that’s a dish no one regrets. The rest – from payment to delivery – can get quite tricky. But what is traveling if not a great source of entertainment?

Swinoujscie dish

Where to go

Swinoujscie lighthouse

Radisson Blu Resort Swinoujscie exterior.

We’ll leave you to the adventurous part of the hunt. Trust that the smell of fresh wonder will lead you to the right place. All we can say is that you won’t have to walk far from Radisson Blu Resort, Swinoujscie.

Enjoy your culinary quest!

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