Join Chicago´s Food Truck Frenzy

Want to get the best lunch or snack when in Chicago? This is a city of fantastic food trucks of all flavors. Check out our top picks!

There is nothing better than being able to enjoy a top class meal even when on the run. Chicago’s food trucks are supporting hungry business men and women and filling up busy visitors as they bustle around the city. Your choices are endless and there even Food Truck Festivals and gatherings so you can try them all!

The Chicago Food Truck Festival

If finger food is your thing, enjoy a day of delectable treats served right through the window! On June 27–28, Chicago welcomes you to Armour Square Park to taste some mobile meals. As children, we all loved to hear the bells of the ice cream truck, singing down our street. This Food Truck Festival promises to bring back all those memories and much more. With around 20 gourmet trucks dishing out the best wraps, cupcakes, ice creams, sandwiches, burgers and everything in between, there is a meal or two waiting for you. Bring the kids and play a spot of volleyball, or lounge on the grass with a frozen yogurt in hand. There is wine and beer and entry is free, so don’t miss it.

Not in the city for the festival? You don’t have to miss out. Chicago’s roads are painted with colorful food trucks with all your favorite meals and snacks. Throughout the year, you can head to truck gatherings in The Loop and see who is going by checking #chifoodtruckfests on Twitter.

You may stumble upon one of these four-wheeled restaurants, but if looking for something specific to tame those cravings, let the truck spotters help you out. Their map will guide you to your truck in shining armor and let you know what ones are closest. If you have a truck you just can’t pass up, be sure to follow them on twitter for live updates on their locations.

If you are just visiting the city, or aren’t a food truck fanatic just yet, we have put together a list of trucks you should try.

Babycakes Gourmet

If you see this bright red van bip-bopping around town, be sure to sample the pancakes. Sweetheart, as she is known, brings delicious treats perfect for breakfast, lunch and snacks to the whole city on her four wheels. The chef, Leah, has created around 250 ways to get your taste buds popping from classic pancakes to frittatas and pizzas for the savory lovers. Maple-bacon glazed donuts or Appletini Pancakes? Yes please Babycakes.

Bombay Wraps

Bombay Wraps let you get a little taste of India as you step through the streets of Chicago. Need a little Chicken Tikka to put a bounce in your step? These guys have wraps to please, UnWrapped rice bowls, juices and delicious soups for chilly days. Even if you don’t want to step outside, you can pop a few fresh samosas in your mouth, as the team at Bombay Wraps deliver rain or shine.

The Fat Shallot

Sarah and Sam are the duo dishing up all things tasty from their Fat Shallot food truck. This couple knows how to satisfy your food craving with Fat Shallot Fries, Buffalo Chicken Burgers and more. Their red looking school bus frequents Daley Plaza, Willis Tower and University of Chicago, but to be sure to catch it, check out their weekly schedule.

Cupcakes for Courage

Courageous Bakery was such a hit, their customers demanded more places to treat their sweet tooth, so the Green Machine was born. The Cupcakes for Courage truck means everyone can indulge in their guilty pleasures with a touch of ‘feel good’ on the side. Ten percent of proceeds are donated to help fight cancer, meaning each bite helps make the world a better place. Not into cupcakes? There are many more sweet treats on the menu.

Chicago Pizza Boss

If looking for a boss pizza on the run, don’t go past the Chicago Pizza Boss food truck. This Italian flagged van zooms around the city serving up Nutella Pizza Puffs, rice balls and of course delicious cheesy pizzas. Spotted on The Loop and around the city doing business lunches, this truck makes sure everyone can enjoy doughy goodness, even when on the run.

Beavers Coffee & Donuts

Track down the Beavers Coffee & Donuts food truck if you want a little cinnamon and sugar to match your lunchtime coffee. The choices are endless; from plain to s’more flavored, peanut butter -banana and honey with pistachios. Grab a bunch of mini donuts to share, but don’t be surprised if you eat them all yourself – they are delicious!

Whether you will be enjoying this food truck frenzy as a business traveler while on your lunch break, or on vacation, make sure your stay is central. Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago offers guest rooms downtown just minutes from The Loop and all the best attractions.

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