8 Ways to see Liverpool the Beatles´ way

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Source: The Beatles Story

Crawl your way through the city of the Beatles, experiencing their passion for music as you go. Dance, drink and discover in this wonderful city.

If a walk across the white striped road the beetles made famous in London is not enough to quench your desires, take the trip to Liverpool. Here you have a Beatles paradise full of memories stacked into clubs, bars, lanes and fields. Download the map to make sure you don’t miss anything!

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1. The Beatles Story Exhibition

Liverpool The Beatles Story, Albert Dock

Source: The Beatles Story

The Beatles Story Exhibition is the world’s largest exhibition dedicated solely to the lives of the Fab Four. The inside of these walls will tell you more about the Beatles than you can remember with its incredible attractions. Enjoy an exclusive look at the The Beatles Hidden Gallery collection of rare photographs where you even have a chance to buy one. Want a little entertainment? Take a 4D trip for the whole family when watching the Fab4D movie about your favourite band. Check out their British Invasion Gallery and learn about their years of fame and even to play like the Beatles on interactive instrument sets. After touring the museum displays make a stop at the John Lennon Monument and reflect. This European Peace Monument is devoted to John’s enduring message of peace. This exhibition is a first stop for all Beatles Fans visiting Liverpool, so make sure you put it in your planner for day one.

2. An evening at The Cavern Club

Cavern Club

When evening strikes and you aren’t ready to give up the dream, head to The Cavern Club for a night like no other. 50 years ago the Beatles took to the stage and played over 300 times here. Now you can still enjoy live music the way the residents of the area would have when listening to The Beatles play. Grab some drinks and enjoy the tunes and don’t forget to grab a memory in the souvenir shop on the way out.

3 &4. Visit their childhood homes

Liverpool Living Room - Forthlin Road

Source: The Beatles Homes

Reminisce on the past and walk through the untouched homes of Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney. This tour provided by the National Trust, is the only chance you have to see the rooms where these inventors would come up with their greatest creations. These walls will provide insight to their humble beginnings, some of which inspired compositions such as the song, ‘I saw her standing there’. Imagine standing right in the middle of it all where the boys would have stood. This is a tour for the die-hard admirers so if that is you then don’t forget to book in advance.

5. The Magical Mystery Tour will take you there

Liverpool, Magic mystery bus

Source: Cavern City Tours

If you want to bundle everything together in a short tour of the lives of these musical heroes, then you can jump on the Magical Mystery bus tour. This colourful bus will take you to their childhood homes, to the fields and lanes on your list and finish up at the Cavern Club. Your tour ticket will also double as entry to the Cavern Club for that night if you wish to carry on. The bus ride is a two-hour musical, sightseeing festival as you drive along to the Beatles’ best beats.

6, 7 & 8. Stop and say hello

Penny Lane sign, Liverpool

A trip to Liverpool is not complete without a stroll down Penny Lane and a visit to Strawberry Fields. Penny Lane has become one of the most desirable streets for businesses and now has plenty of cafés and spots to eat and drink. The iconic red gate leading into Strawberry Field also merits some snaps. Do these on your own time when exploring the city, or catch them when on the Magical Mystery Tour.

Make your last stop the Casbah Coffee Club, the club the Beatles called their own. After having to paint the ceiling in exchange for stage time, they claimed the club as their personal spot. The ceiling is now worth over a million pounds and the club is certainly worth a visit. A tour in this diamond in the sky is unforgettable.

After a day out in Liverpool the more you see the more you will know, for sure. But make sure you get back home for tea at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Liverpool.

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