Made in Blu - Smoked Mussels and Shrimp Ostendaise by Chef Frédéric

Whether you say “eet smakelijk” or “bon appetit”, you’re in for a treat! Have you guessed where we’re going for the next culinary discovery in our “Made in Blu” series?

It’s Brussels! Just around the corner from the Grand Place, our fabulous Radisson Blu Royal Hotel with its restaurant “l’Atrium”, where you could dine on some of the most delicious authentic Belgium dishes and wash it down with a famous glass of Belgium beer or wine.

Our Executive Chef of the Radisson Blu Royal, Brussels - Frédéric Fournaux - will be there to welcome you; and you’ll have the chance to taste this week’s Made in Blu recipe: smoked mussels and shrimp Ostendaise with a milk and Hoegaarden sauce.

Scroll down to watch how to make this typical Belgian dish with three of their most beloved ingredients: mussels, shrimp and beer!

What is 'Made in Blu'?


In honor of Expo 2015, taking place this year in Milan until October 31st, we’ve decided to make you discover the unique culinary “savoir faire” of our hotels through our campaign ‘Made in Blu‘.

We’ll be taking you on a whirlwind culinary adventure, featuring video recipes from 10 different Blus from Europe and Africa. Not only that, after you’ve watched the video and saved the recipe, if you book a stay with one of our participating hotels from May 18 – October 31, you’ll receive 15% off all your food and drink (excluding alcohol) during your stay! Only on

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Smoked mussels and shrimp Ostendaise with a milk and Hoegaarden sauce.

Recipe for 6



-1 kg mussels

-100 grey Shrimps from Ostend (either buy pre-cooked or be sure to cook if fresh or uncooked)

-1 Carrot finely chopped

-1 Yellow carrot finely chopped

-6 Brussels sprouts

-150 gr baguette -> to make clear-buttered croutons

-50 gr wood chips (oak and beech tree)

-1 purple shiso

-salt and pepper

-300 gr white celery chopped

-1 large onion chopped

-1 Red beet finely sliced or shaved into curls (mostly for garnishing)

-1 Bottle of white beer Hoegaarden

-10 cl of buttermilk

-50 gr butter



1- Cook the mussels with the onion, the chopped celery and the beer

  1. Shell the mussels and keep the juice in another recipient

3- Smoke the mussels 3 minutes with the food sawdust

4- Add the smoked mussels and the shrimps at the bottom of a hollow plate. Prepare the raw vegetable toppings as shown on the photo (carrots, brussels sprout, beet, onion, celery and herbs.)

5- Prepare your clear-buttered croutons with your baguette

6- Pass the juice in a chinois, add the buttermilk and mix to emulsify the sauce, then adjust seasoning.

7- Prepare the plate as on the picture, pour the hot juice, arrange the herbs and bread croutons.


Where Are We Cooking Now?


Chef portraits

Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m originally from Dinant. I was given the opportunity to start my career in one of the most luxurious restaurants and hotel chain in Belgium. These experiences helped me discover my style as a chef.

I’ve been a part of the Radisson Blu Brussels family since 2008, where I am in charge of the kitchens. I offer a simple menu where local, natural flavors are highlighted intensely by the latest food trends.

When cooking, I use products from the region where I was born, such as fowl, beer, and seasonal vegetables. I’m also a specialist in ‘in-house’ smoking, where I use salmon and several other varieties of fish. Today, I’m the Executive Chef of the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Brussels. Working in this industry means I can share one of my favorite dishes with you: home-made smoked mussels and shrimp Ostendaise with a Hoegaarden and buttermilk emulsion.


What’s your favorite cuisine?

I like simple, natural cooking, using plenty of good local products. And like every Belgian, I love using beer to cook.


What’s your fondest memory since starting your career?

My fondest memory as a chef is the month I spent in Ghana. The experience I had with the customers and local chefs was challenging but absolutely extraordinary.


Which ingredient can be found in all your creations?

I’d have to say spices, and beer, which definitely comes in handy when cooking.

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