Maintaining a healthy work-life balance in Düsseldorf

Houses in Dusseldorf Altstadt, the Old Town City Center

Today, it's easier than ever to communicate at a moment's notice for business purposes, which makes it harder than ever to draw boundaries between your personal and professional lives. If you're traveling to Düsseldorf on business, ensure your stay balances work and play by allowing yourself time to make the most of the city.

Take a time-out from technology

Given that the typical modern professional comes armed with multiple communication devices to keep them clued in on up-to-the-nanosecond news sources, the first step to restoring balance is to manage technology usage. In the same way that electronic devices sometimes need to be shut off and recharged, taking a break from all that technology will allow you to breathe some new life into your daily routine. Unplug and get inspired in Düsseldorf’s old town, or Altstadt, a one-square kilometer of the city which contains some of its most beautiful and historically significant architecture. It's home to many of the city’s museums, including the MuseumKunstpalast and the Filmmuseum, as well as major performance venues. In October, mute your mobile when you take your seat at the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus for a staging of Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis.

Dusseldorf Altstadt

Schedule in socializing

Making time for friends and family is essential to achieving a balanced lifestyle. The people we surround ourselves with make up our emotional support systems, which are crucial for helping us cope with challenges and stress. A 10-minute taxi ride from our Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Düsseldorf back to the Altstadt will surround you with cozy bars and lounges, perfect for catching up with friends and colleagues after work. Buy a beer at one of the 260 pubs that make up what is referred to as 'the longest bar in the world', and try not to spend too much time talking shop when you’re off the clock.

Get in touch with nature

In the rush to spend time with your loved ones outside working hours, it can be difficult to carve out time for quiet self-reflection. Fortunately, Düsseldorf's numerous green spaces provide the ideal backdrop for a gentle stroll or revitalizing jog. On your lunch break, take the chance to get outside in the fresh air and explore Nordpark’s themed gardens. The park provides an exemplary visual representation of harmony; not only in its natural elements, like its flowers and foliage, but also in its exquisitely laid-out fountains and sculptures. Wander through the beautiful Japanese and lily gardens in the afternoon, or arrive at sunrise for an early-morning run along the deserted paths.

Nordpark, Düsseldorf

Reward yourself with retail therapy

Take a trip to Königsallee, the city's most famous shopping street, where you can spend a day treating yourself to a stylish new outfit, a must-have piece of jewelry or the latest bestseller. The Kö, as it's commonly known, hosts every big-name brand from COS to Cartier, along with celebrated art galleries, two museums and the Deutsche Oper Am Rhein opera house. The Kö's charming century-old architecture is safeguarded by its designation as a protected historical monument. Whether you visit with colleagues, friends, or alone, a stroll down this street is certain to take your mind firmly off professional affairs and onto tracking down the perfect present.

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