How Radisson Meetings can help you make an impact

Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel Stockholm meeting room

No matter the purpose of your next meeting or event, you surely want to leave your participants with a positive, lasting impression of your values, objective and your company’s brand. To help you do just that and plan, run and execute it to perfection, we have created Radisson Meetings, led by a passionate team of experts who are committed to bringing your vision to life. Read on to learn how to ensure your next meeting or event is as memorable, purposeful and impactful as can be.

How Radisson Meetings can help you

The need for personalization and focus on people are key elements of Radisson Meetings. As a planner you can therefore benefit from transparent pricing and visualization of the experiences your participants will get. Not surprisingly, these will include a great shower, a luxurious bed, but also free super-fast Wi-Fi so that you can all stay connected during your entire stay. In the future, you can also look forward to a Radisson Meetings app packed with essential features for planners.

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Every moment matters

To ensure a consistent high-quality meeting experience irrespective of which venue you choose, Radisson Meetings is offered across all our eight distinctive world-class brands. You can thus draw on our experienced professionals, benefit from our cutting-edge planning tools and expect on-site support at the touch of a button. All to make sure that your arrangement, no matter how big or small, runs smoothly.

An element of surprise

An efficient way to create a memorable meeting is to implement an element of unexpected, happy surprises. You can do that by means of our extraordinary food offerings, personalized excursions and inspirational team building activities. These thoughtful extras are designed to make your participants remember your meeting or event for all the right reasons.

Radisson Blu Edwardian London Hampshire meeting room

Carbon-free conscience

When you design your meeting or event using the Radisson Meetings concept, you also make a difference outside of the conference room. As one of the world’s most ethical hotel company, recognized by the Ethisphere® Institute in 2018, we are committed to leading a responsible business. This includes carbon-free meetings, relentless efforts to minimize food waste, and strong reductions in single-use plastic.

One example of our sustainable approach is the beautiful Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre building. It is connected with the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel Stockholm and built on outstanding modern energy technology. Our commitment to sustainability and environment-friendly procedures has earned Waterfront Congress Centre the international Green Key® eco-label – the leading standard in the field of environmental responsibility. Learn more about some of our eco-friendly star hotels.

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Radisson Meetings developed based on your feedback

It took lots of research and capturing of on-site feedback to understand what really matters to you as a planner. In the Nordics, for instance, participants can leave candid and live feedback on their meeting experience on tablets placed in breakout areas. And to ensure that any Radisson Meetings offer is relevant, timely and attractive to you as a planner also in the future, we will continue investing in customer research.

Personal guidance, innovation and close attention to details

By choosing one of our +1,100 hotels and resorts worldwide as the venue for your next meeting or event, you can expect the personal guidance and close attention to details that will really make a difference to both yourself as a planner and your participants. What’s more, many of our hotels have been recognized as some of the top meeting hotels around the globe.

As a planner you can look forward to our instant messaging service for improving communication with your participants on-site through their preferred communication channels, such as Facebook Messenger, alongside the ability to Skype with our reservation agents. So stay tuned for these additions.

With meetings and events solutions that never stand still, but continuously evolve to meet your changing needs, Radisson Blu hotels provide an ideal setting for memorable meetings. Whether you are after an urban perspective, an XXL venue, the easy access of an airport hotel, or a wistful view of the mountains, a brilliant backdrop puts you one step ahead.

Discover Memorable Meetings around the globe with Radisson Blu.

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