Making Radisson Blu Greener

At Radisson Blu we aim to be the greenest hotel chain in the world so that you as a guest don’t have to worry. For us it is a given standard to not only reduce our waste but also actively contribute to a greener planet. The iconic Strand Hotel in Stockholm has come a long way thanks to the hard work of its staff and our guests.


“We started working on the environmental strategy three years ago with the aim to save 25%. We managed to save 23% which we are really happy with but there is still a lot to do.”, says Robert Säfström who has been working at Radisson Blu Strand Hotel the last five years


However, this assignment never ends according to Robert:


There is always room for improvement as new technologies are continuously introduced into the market which gives us possibilities to save even more energy. Moving on at Strand Hotel we will focus on recycling and improve our heating system.


The iconic Radisson Blu Strand Hotel, also known as the favorite hotel of Hollywood stars Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman, is undergoing a full refurbishment, which will completed in autumn 2018. The restaurant and bar The Strand will reopen later this year. The “Think Planet” program has been an integral part of the plan.


We have done everything from changing our halogen light bulbs to LED, to recycle the waste heat from the kitchen to warm up our water. That is something that is really paying off as we’re saving around 84 388 kWh on that investment. Robert explains.

The first step according to him is to start identifying where and why energy is wasted, the second step is creating an action plan to fix it. The successful environmental strategy that recently awarded with the Think Planet Area Award for 2016. For the money they won, a new herb and vegetable garden will be built on the roof of Strand Hotel.


With this we’ll be able to not only offer our guests freshly harvested herbs but also recycle waste from our restaurant. The aim is to produce locally but think globally, says Robert.


As Robert mentions the commitment to implement a greener strategy has been a team effort involving everyone from chefs, front office team and general manager. The reactions have been surprise and even chock being confronted with the facts of how much has been wasted, but also a drive to be a part of the solution. Even guests have been involved in Strand Hotel’s “Think Planet” strategy.


Our aim has always been to improve without impairing the guest experience so we’ve chosen to inform and invite them to participate for example with the “Save a Drop” initiative where guests can choose to reuse their towels and save water.

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