Meet Award Winning Chef from the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen


Meet Rasmus Kofoed Sørensen, 3rd place and bronze medal winner of “Chef of the Year 2016” in Denmark. Rasmus is 30 years old and works as the Executive Chef at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel in Copenhagen.

In between hectic working days and big preparations for a large upcoming internal conference for approximately 700 persons over 4 days, we got the opportunity to ask Rasmus a couple of questions.

Q: Congratulations to a great 3rd place finish in Chef of the Year 2016 – what did you create for dessert?

A: We (my assistant Liv and myself) created  a dessert made from cream, apples, hazelnuts and chocolate. The theme was “the beach” with some pre-set mandatory elements such as mousse, ice-cream, cake and alloyed cream.

Q: Who inspired you to start cooking?

A: I got my inspiration from Chef Casper Rønne Hansen, who operates on the Danish island of Bornholm. He helped open some doors for me to this world when I was kitchen helper in my younger days.


Q: You are also a part of the Professional Danish Culinary Team – what’s the best thing about this?

A: Being able to create a perfect product as a team through our individual creative ideas. The networking, the friendship and prestige also mean a great deal as well.

Q: What can be found in your fridge at home, at all times?

A: Some microwaveable dishes and the Danish classics: Rye bread, butter and cheese. I’m not at home very often, so my girlfriend often cooks easy and quick dishes for herself.

Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Denmark and why?

A: I’ll have to say “Musling” by the food stalls in Copenhagen. Here all things are just as they should be – tasteful, creative and a bit provocative.


Q: What can’t you miss when visiting Copenhagen?

A: A visit to Tivoli Gardens, a stroll in the King’s Garden or a cocktail at the bar “Ruby’s”.

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