Meet Minnesota´s Professional Sports Teams

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Let us introduce you to the sports teams in Minnesota from baseball to football, and more, this city has all the big professional sports you can’t miss.

Athletes and residents alike embrace an active lifestyle in Minneapolis. In fact, the Twin Cities area was rated #1 on the 2014 list of America's fittest cities by the American College of Sports Medicine. So it only makes sense that first rate sporting teams call this city home. When it comes to professional sports, there’s a lot to cheer about in Minnesota, as the state hosts teams in all of the major sports. When visiting, be sure to check out a game or two for an unforgettable American-style outing. Here are the teams that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Football: Minnesota Vikings

The purple and gold Vikings huddle, pass, and tackle, aiming to score touch-down after touch-down. A Minnesota tradition, this team can pull the community together like no other. In 2016, the Minnesota Vikings will debut in a new home turf as construction for the stunning new $975 million stadium in downtown Minneapolis is currently underway, and will host the 2018 Super Bowl and 2019 NCAA Final Four. Come, cheer them on, and be impressed with the performance of the players, cheerleaders and the crowd. The regular football season spans from September through January, and any local will tell you, nothing says fall like football!

Hockey: Minnesota Wild

Speed skating with moving obstacles blindfolded would be easier than playing a game against the Minnesota Wild professional hockey team, and that’s why attending a game is bound to be an exciting event for your visit. You may see the players crashing and colliding into each other and the boards, but these athletes have excellent control over their movements. They slide across the ice with precision until the game calls for a little roughing. Simmer in the atmosphere as the crowds cheer on the flying colors on the ice. The regular season for hockey spans from October through to April and is a popular winter activity.

Basketball: Minnesota Timberwolves and Lynx

If hockey isn’t your thing, and you love the sound of sneakers squeaking on the hardwood floors, you can always catch a basketball game at the Target Center. Home of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Minnesota Lynx, Minneapolis boasts a long history of basketball. With the regular season spanning October through April, it’s easy to catch a game and watch these staggeringly tall and agile players swoop up and down the court. Don’t blink or you may miss a basket. If you’re lucky, you’ll also see a handful of slam-dunks.

Baseball: Minnesota Twins

Nothing marks the start of spring like the baseball home opener, and the Twins are the kind of team that brings in visitors from near and far. Imagine yourself sitting at Target Field, enjoying a light breeze and the sunshine’s warmth on a mild spring day, all while taking in stunning views and of course, the game. Attending a baseball game is a necessity for an All-American experience regardless if you live next door or are coming from overseas. Prime time for outdoor baseball is April through September, so plan accordingly.

Soccer: Minnesota United FC

One of the most popular sports around the world is also well represented in Minnesota. The Minnesota United FC is part of the North American Soccer League, and will be joining Major League Soccer in 2018. The team, who proudly maintains Minnesota’s state bird, the loon, as its logo and mascot, prides themselves on making soccer easily accessible to everyone who wants to check out a game. Located just outside of Minneapolis, fans can catch a soccer game at the National Sports Center in Blaine, Minnesota spring through fall.

Get in on the action and attend a game when in the city. Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown is right next door to Target Field and Target Center and just minutes from the new Vikings stadium. Sleep in style with sports in mind and enjoy the athleticism of the Twin Cities.

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