Meet in Nice

When you think of the French Riviera, it normally conjures up images of hot beaches and the coolest young celebrities; but this gem in the heart of Southern France is actually an ideal place for businesses as well.


In 2006 The Guardian mentioned a study conducted by two American professors that claims that meetings make people very unhappy at work. While this may not be shocking to anyone, what is surprising is that many companies still continue to do nothing to help improve the quality of their meetings.


Want to take the ‘bored’ out of your board meeting? Here’s a list of four easy ways to make sure your next meeting runs like clockwork:


  1. Remove Phones

Try keeping people’s phones in a box somewhere in the room. This will help keep everyone focused on the meeting and could potentially speed things up too.



  1. Change Your Location

Always have your meetings in the same windowless room in your headquarters? Try hosting your meetings in different offices or locations to help break up the routine and get your employees excited to participate.

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  1. Get Out of Your Seat

Does time seem to be standing still? Try standing up to write down meetings notes or, if possible, take time to do a completely different activity to encourage creativity.


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  1. Have an End-Of-Meeting Tradition

Whether it’s writing down the top 3 takeaways from the meeting or sharing a drink or a meal together, having a tradition can help cement ideas and relationships between colleagues.


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Looking for a spot to hold your next memorable meeting? Try the Radisson Blu Hotel, Nice which can host up to 350 guests and has stunning views of the Bay of Nice.

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