Meet Nikita and Kate – A Couple That Were Finalists in our Design Your Own Icon Competition!

Great minds think alike and that was definitely the case in our Design Your Own Icon Competition!


Couple photo

Scroll down to read a little bit more about two of our finalists – married couple Nikita and Kate from Russia – who entered our competition last August; and both ended up finalists in our competition!



What are your names and what country are you from?

Our names are Nikita and Kate. We’re from Russia, from a city in the center of Siberia – Kemerovo.


Do either of you have a creative background or experience?

Kate:  Yes, I’m actually a graphic designer, so having a creative mindset is a big part of what I do. However, this was my first experience with designing any type of furniture and I found it very interesting!

Nikita: Not really. I’m a Project Manager in Web-development, so I work with designers frequently and have some understanding of their process just by association. This was my first time creating something myself though J


What do you like best about each of your designs?


Nikita: I like the colors that I chose – deep blue and purple. I think they work together really well. Not too bright, not too boring but still beautiful to look at.


Kate: I like the pattern I used on the backside of the chair and cushion. Some patterns look nice from afar but are too much when you get up close. I think this one is really appealing no matter where you are in the room.


Who heard about this contest first? Did your partner help influence your own design?

Nikita: It was me – I read about it on Facebook. I told Kate about it right away because I know she has a very creative mind and could create a really good design. When she became a finalist in one of the first weeks I thought, “Why not try?”, and came up with a few different designs. Kate helped me choose the best one.

Kate: Yes, it was Nikita’s idea. We critiqued and consulted with each other which really helped us come up with strong designs.


What did you each feel when you heard you were both finalists?

Of course we were both extremely happy that other people liked our chairs as much as we did! We were both excited as the grand prize was fantastic – not only a trip to Copenhagen but getting a real version of your own unique Egg™ chair is pretty cool. It’s too bad we didn’t win but we were delighted to be finalists and to have been considered.


Have you ever stayed at a Radisson Blu before? If so, why did you choose us? If not, do you plan on staying with us in the future?

Yes, of course! We stayed in at a Radisson Blu Edwardian, Grafton in London one year ago and a Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel, Reykjavik, because they have a great central location and great guest reviews as well. Both times we really loved it.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t use our finalist prize - four free nights at a Radisson Blu because we had a baby three months ago. But I hope we will certainly visit a lot of other Radisson Blus in the future!

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