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Not only since yesterday we know that the climate change, the loss of species and habitats or the ozone depletion affects all of us and is becoming more and more a crucial issue. Therefore, responsible business is part of our corporate culture and is integrated into our daily working lives since 1989. In 2012, a company-wide energy-saving initiative, called ‘Think Planet’ has been launched in order to save 25% of energy consumption within 5 years in all hotels. This initiative reinforces our position as one of the leading hotel brands in the field of sustainability using energy audits, 100% energy efficient lighting and training programs for all employees.

And also in the business world it is obviously increasingly important to act in a responsible way. Thus, we have summarized below how we can help you to be more sustainable during your meetings.

1. Arrive and charge eco-friendly

When it comes to meetings it is not only important that the event is designed to be environmental-friendly per se, but also that the arrival and depart of participants is moving in this direction.  Through our cooperation partner, Deutsche Bahn (German railway company), we are able to offer special event tickets, with which you can travel to your meeting in our hotels with 100% green electricity. The ticket can be used for long-distance trains of Deutsche Bahn and will help to reduce the CO2 emissions. However, if you don’t want to leave home without your electric car, eleven Radisson Blu hotels in Germany provide charging stations in their garages and parking lots. The car power is, of course, from renewable sources and is included in your hotel stay.

ICE 1 Baureihe 401 von Berlin nach München im Gegenlicht

2. Meet minus carbon

To hold paperless meetings is actually no problem with our free WiFi, but you can even meet CO2-neutral! The best part is that you don’t have to do anything.


3. Sleep greener

To satisfy your green conscience completely, you also sleep eco-friendly in our hotels, as more than 180 Radisson Blu hotels have been awarded with prestigious eco labels. Our hotels constantly take measures to reduce energy and water consumption, to improve indoor air quality and to minimize waste generation. For every 250 bath towels our guests re-use, Radisson Blu donates to the international foundation ‘Just A Drop', giving children the access to safe drinking water.

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You still have questions about sustainable meetings? Then talk to us on Twitter by using the hashtag #RadissonBlu.

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