Moscow: A trip for Every Type of Art Lover

what to do in Moscow - Bolshoi Theatre fountain in Moscow with the theatre in the background during the night.

Moscow’s rich history of talented composers, artists and performers has made the city a cultural hub within Russia. The state’s continuous funding of the arts has preserved the traditions of bygone eras and nurtured the talents of modern stars – creating a unique dynamic between the works of present day artists and those of the city’s past. We’ve curated a collection of artistic attractions that would suit any type of art lover looking to explore Moscow’s cultural heritage. Let’s get started….

For the Opera Lover

One of the oldest ballet and opera companies in the world, the Bolshoi is a masterpiece in its own right. Devoted to Russia’s famous composers like Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov and Mussorgsky the Bolshoi has established an impressive repertoire of Russian productions. Each year, two to four new ballets or operas are added – but around 70% of the productions are still from Russian composers. Even if you are not an opera lover, the grandeur of the Bolshoi will change your mind before the performers take the stage. With its classical Russian architecture, the Bolshoi transports you into another world. The building’s ruby silk walls, intricate carpets and gold-leafed architectural elements resemble the craftsmanship of the productions showcased onstage. Located across form the Kremlin, the Bolshoi proudly displays the heritage of Russian composers every night. Tickets are available both online and for a slightly lower price at the theatre box office.

what to do in Moscow - Fountain and Bolshoi Theater during summer day. Moscow famous landmark.

For the Art Lover

Containing more than 170,000 works by Russian artists, the State Tretyakov Gallery displays the foremost collection of Russian artwork. Pavel Tretyakov donated the collection, which spans thousands of years, to the city of Moscow in 1892.  Notable works housed within the museum include The Apotheosis of War by Vasily Vereshchagin and Trinity by Andrei Rubley – a celebrated icon in the art world from the 15th century. With an ever-growing collection of modern and contemporary Russian art, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art is a vibrant destination in Moscow. Over the years, the museum has emphasized Russian avant-garde art, but visitors can still delight at the brilliant brushstrokes of Picasso, Miró and Dalí. For those seeking a more interactive art experience, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Gorky Park often hosts installations that are dependent on the audience’s interaction. The contemporary art space seeks to create a dialogue with its community. Dasha Zhukova, Founder of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, stated the museum’s role is to be an “organization that not only presents, but also creates culture.”

what to do in Moscow - Statue of Pavel Tretyakovin front of State Tretyakov Gallery.

For the Music Lover

Moscow is a city that beats to its own drum! From classical music to techno, this city has plenty of music to explore. An unusual spot for musicians to frequent is the Lenin Library. This library houses an impressive collection of recordings and sheet music. Plus, any fan of the Beatles might remember that the library was referred to as the “Lennon Library” during the height of the band’s popularity. An accomplishment of both music and architecture, the Moscow International House of Music is an impressive location to enjoy a live performance. The building’s elegant glass walls provide a stunning view of the Moscow River. After a full day of exploring top arts destinations in Moscow, retire to another unique artistic experience at our Radisson Royal Hotel.  With a collection of over 1,200 paintings by notable Russian artists, our award-winning hotel is practically a museum.

what to do in Moscow - musicians playing violin.

Make the Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow your base to exploring the arts around the city!

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