Why you need to visit Düsseldorf´s Media Harbour district

Düsseldorf's harbour on the Rhine has been the subject of a stunning redevelopment project, in which each lot was carefully adapted according to the needs of its future inhabitants. The result is a super-modern panorama that still complements its riverside surroundings.

Known as an important international business hub, Düsseldorf is equally worthy of attention for its modern architecture. The eclectic charm of its renovated Media Harbour district can be credited to an inspired decision on the part of the city planners. Instead of razing and rebuilding all of the structures in the old Rhine harbour according to a single design, as is typically the case for urban planning projects, the developers allowed for thoughtful and entirely individual reconstructions of each building. World-renowned architects Frank O. Gehry, David Chipperfield, Steven Holl and Claude Vasconi all took on projects, resulting in a veritable showcase of architectural expertise.

Form and function

The buildings were redesigned to address the needs of their new tenants, while maintaining the area's classic harbour feel. Some former warehouses were adapted for use by media companies, while other historic structures, such as the merchant port and quay walls, have been preserved and designated as monuments. The skyline is characterized by the distinctive silhouette of the Rheinturm, a telecommunications tower that boasts a revolving restaurant, observation deck and the world’s largest decimal clock. The Düsseldorf City Gate was once named the best office building in Europe and hosts several international corporations.

Kunst im Düsseldorf

Modern architecture isn't Dusseldorf's only artistic endeavor. Video art is made accessible to the public at imai, an inter media art institute where 1,200 of the institute's collective 3,200 works can be borrowed or purchased. Young graduates from the city’s Academy of Arts display their works in Kunst im Tunnel, with sculptures, light installations and paintings all welcomed by the gallery.

Dine on the Rhine

After a day of sightseeing and exploration, dine at the Michelin-starred Berens am Kai at Kaistraße 16, where you'll find a high-end fusion of Mediterranean and French cuisine. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city and harbour, this spacious restaurant is an ideal choice for both business dinners and personal celebrations. The restaurant offers a choice of two menus, courtesy of Chef Holger Berens – the 'classic' includes favorites like lobster ravioli, while the 'modern' showcases innovative dishes like black paella with almond foam.

To celebrate haute cuisine and exemplary architecture all in one indulgent evening, head to Neuer Zollhof, a cluster of three sculptural edifices designed by the legendary Frank O. Gehry. The third houses Gehry’s, a restaurant specializing in tender cuts of steak and perfectly cooked seafood. Outdoor seating lets you appreciate harbour views as you work your way through a juicy filet mignon.

Evening enchantment

Visit the Rheinturm at night for a panoramic view of the city from Günnewig Bar & Lounge M 168, touted as the highest bar in Germany. Take your pick from an extensive menu of over 40 cocktails, or ask the bartender to whip up something completely new for you. At the end of the night, you're only a ten-minute walk away from our Radisson Blu Media Harbour Hotel, Dusseldorf, where you can sample in-house restaurant Amano Verde, the city's latest hotspot for top-class vegan, vegetarian and lactose-free dining.

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