Nice, a true Riviera runway

Nice shopping - black and white squares background, a girl with sunglasses posing.

In a world full of stores, magazines and designers, the sources of inspiration may seem endless. But what does it take to be a real Nice Riviera fashionista? Mix and match for the ultimate relaxed yet elegant style.

To blend in with the posh population of the French east coast, more specifically the city of Nice, you need to learn the tricks of the trade and the essence of the industry. The fashion alphabet stretches from the holy Armani to the sleek Zac Posen, with several French fashion royalties in between. To stay chic on the Riviera, a blend between haute couture, personal fashion sense and the latest trends is the winning recipe.



Nice Riviera Runway Fashion Girl

Burning hot fashion

Keep in mind the hot summer days on the French Riviera when planning what to put in your suitcase or what to buy for your holiday. Pants may not always be the best option, maybe a looser dress will be more comfortable? A white, vintage dress gives you a romantic look that can easily be accessorized for a flawless transition from day to night. Stick with neutral colors in your basic pieces and mix in eccentric and fresh color where it fits.

Nice shopping - white dresses hanging on display.

The festival trend is hot at the moment, which means that the stores are full of colorful bikinis and one-pieces, full of patterns. Nothing compliments a Riviera tan like some fresh colors. Pair this with the cool temporary tattoos in silver or gold, and a light beach sarong or dress.

Nice shopping - a girl posing for the camera.

If you enjoy dressing up a little extra, you have come to the right place. At dinnertime, it is not uncommon to see long dresses, large necklaces, tuxedos and sky-high heels. Put on your favorite dress and matching pair of heels, grab your clutch and head out for a romantic or fun evening filled with great food, wine and great atmosphere.

Nice shopping - pink high heels shoes on display, placed on a pink sofa.

The little white dress

The Riviera edition of Coco Chanel’s black dress is a must, plus it’s a comfortable fashion choice. Choose from endless variations whether it’s an off-shoulder, loose fit, bodycon or romantic chiffon. Blend in some maritime details in blue or stripes and perhaps a trendy hat. Who does not love functional fashion, giving both shade and looking amazing at the same time? The white dress offers you a blank canvas that you can upgrade with your own personal style of accessories, whether it’s bling, patterns, minimalistic or va-va-voom.

Nice shopping - a girl in a white dress posing for the camera.

Wardrobe upgrade

If you do not feel like your wardrobe is not in tune with your Francophile self, let’s not forget that France is a fashion Mecca. Whilst hanging out on the Riviera, there are tons of stores, boutiques and vintage shops that you can visit to upgrade your wardrobe and find your new favorite accessories or key pieces. Explore Place Massena, wedged between the old and new parts of Nice, full of great stores. Stroll along the world-famous Promenade des Anglais or the popular Avenue Jean Medecin. Along the latter, you will find a mix of department stores and brand boutiques such as Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Mango and Zara.

Nice shopping - view from above to the Promenade des Anglais, Nice.

Vintage Wonders

If you are looking for less expensive alternatives, you should visit one of the many Dépôt-Vente-Stores in the area. Once last years high-fashion is replaced by the new from the fashion-elite, their old treasures can become yours, for a lot less. Browse through the hangers and narrow alleys in the vintage shops and find your next, interesting favorite piece. On 41 Rue de France you’ll find Dépôt-Vente Mademoiselle, filled with luxury brands such as Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Another option is the Renaissance Vidini on 14 rue Congrés, known for its impressive selection and a pleasant shop-owner.

Nice shopping - a girl in a fancy outfit with a hat posing for photos.

Glamorous events

If you are planning on dropping by some of the fabulous events held on the Riviera, be sure to dress to impress! If you’re visiting during the winter, we recommend February so that you can be part of the grand Nice Carnival 2018. In a colorful display, the Carnival parade takes over the streets together with wonderful music and artistic acts. If you are visiting in the summer, there is no better time than May and June, where you can hop in the car and head for the neighboring city, Cannes. The spectacular Cannes Film Festival will be held on May 8-19 and Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity on June 18-22, in 2016.

Nice shopping - during Cannes Festival, red carpet moment.

After long days at the beach and treasure hunts in the boutiques, you can recharge at the comfortable Radisson Blu Hotel, Nice, located along the Promenade des Anglais, with close proximity to the azure oceans and serene, white beaches of the French Riviera.

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