Oasis Weddings at Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai, Deira Creek

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. While this common English phrase and tradition might be well known to you, wedding ceremonies and traditions vary all over the world.


Ever wondered what a traditional Arab wedding would be like? We asked our friends over at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek to tell us about the beautiful customs and traditions at an Islamic wedding…


In Islamic cultures, weddings are celebrated separately. Usually in separate venues, one for the groom and one for the bride, where all guests are divided by their gender, and occasionally on different days.


The groom’s event is celebrated with the head of the family, the father, along with brothers and uncles. Each of the guests are welcomed personally by the groom, invited to dinner and walked to the door right after the dinner is over.

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The bride’s wedding day consists of strict rules such as no pictures policy, and no men are ever invited over - be it brothers or uncles. The bride would be sat on a big fancy stage with the brightest and biggest projectors circling over her head, complete with diamond chandeliers and golden decorations.


The dress code for the groom is strict and formal. However for the bride’s event the national dresses such as Abbayas and Sheilas can be removed, due to this being a women only event. Making this a time when every girl can show off her beautiful dresses, and expensive jewellery to friends as a statement of wealth.


The amount of food served at the event is enough to feed a thousand guests and more. The tables will be filled with all the dishes you can imagine, along with all the sweets the world has to offer. You would be expected to eat, as turning down a meal in Islamic culture is considered an offence.

Although no alcohol is accepted at neither event, tea, coffee, juices and soft drinks will be flowing throughout the night.

Entertainment provided at such events may include a local singer, or in some cases even a popular Arab band/ Singer. Most of the times the entertainment is too loud for any socializing to happen on that day.
Socializing with everyone is considered a must. You will have to meet and greet people you see for the first time. It is very common for the host to introduce you around the room to one too many guests, and all the family members.


At the end of the groom’s wedding, it is accepted for the groom to be taken to the bride’s event. This is in order to introduce the groom to his future family and new life. When such ritual is taken place, all women at the wedding has to put Abbayas on to cover themselves. The groom and the bride will sit alongside on the great stage, and watch the guests. While the guests would bid their good byes and well wishes, collect their party favors and then leave.


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