Off the beaten track in Paris

Things to do in Paris. Boat in The Saine and Eiffel tower on the background.

The French capital holds something in store for every taste and is full of surprises. We asked our local hotel staff for a few tips, and here's a collection of their favorite things to do in and around Paris. Enjoy!

Disney balloon or PanoraMagique

Lift off in one of the world's biggest hot air balloons for a whole new perspective on Disney! Up to 30 passengers get the chance to enjoy a 6-minute flight with unique 360 °view on Disneyland® Paris! Headquartered in Lake Disney at Disney® Village, this helium-filled flying device offers an incredible experience with stunning views for all ages.

Parc des Felins

In this unique animal park, animal lovers can discover up to 26 species of rare felines. 140 cats live here in large natural enclosures, including sand cats, tigers, lions, panthers, and many more.

things to do in Paris. White tiger ling in the zoo.

Vaux le Vicomte

Discover the history and beauty of the historic Vaux-le-Vicomte, which was created by Nicolas Fouquet, the minister of finances under Louis XIV, in the 17th century, and restored in the 19th century. Rumors have it that Louis XIV was so jealous of the beauty of the building that he ordered Fouquet to be jailed!

Things to do in Paris. Vaux le Vicomte in Paris, France.

Fontainebleau castle

"The true home of kings, the house of ages." This is what they say about Fontainebleau, the only royal and imperial French castle which has been inhabited continuously for seven centuries. Discover not only the 140 hectares of beautiful buildings and parks, but also an important part of French architecture and history.

Things to do in Paris. Fontainebleau Castle in Paris, France from above.


The town of Barbizon is quite a mythical place also known as the "town of painters". When pre-Impressionist French painters were looking for beautiful sceneries in the 1850s, this charming town located near the forest of Fontainebleau quickly became one of their favorite spots.

Things to do in Paris. Barbizon in Paris, France.

Miniature trains of the Gare de l'Est Station

Under the tracks 4 and 5 at Gare de l'Est there's a secret spot waiting for you: a hidden underground spot hosting an amazing collection of miniature trains! More than 400 square meters of carefully crafted model railway landscapes await the little kid in all of us.

Things to do in Paris. Miniture trains that represent Dare de lÉst in Paris, France.

Cats Café

Are you missing your pet while travelling? Then we have a solution for you: this very special tea room and restaurant not only offers drinks and food, but also the company of about a dozen cats. Take a seat, order a drink and snuggle up with your favorite cat. So relaxing!

Things to do in Paris. Cats cafe in PAris, France. a cat is ling on a table.

Bicycle tour (Velib)

This is probably the best way to explore the city: renting a bike and going on a trip around the city without having to deal with traffic jams. Discover famous places and hidden gems at your very own rhythm.

Things to do in Paris. Bicycle tour to Notre Dame, Paris, France.

Recamier Square

Located near the Sèvres-Babylone metro station, Square Recamier is the ideal location to take a relaxed break and get away from all the hustle and bustle of a big city. A place of silence and greenery that is peaceful and romantic.

Things to do in Paris. Recamier Square in PAris, France.

Water skiing on the Seine

Yes, we are serious: in Paris you can water ski in the middle of the city! Beginner or pro, put on these skis and discover the Seine and its surroundings in a whole new way!

The 2CV tour

The Citroën 2CV is undoubtedly one of  France's most iconic cars. Take a ride in it and explore Paris from a different perspective! Montmartre, le Marais and Saint Germain are perfect for a little cruising.

Farm Piqueur

Over two hectares filled with cows, sheep, goats, donkeys, a vegetable garden and an orchard: a great farm experience in the middle of the city, not only for kids! The local staff also offers guided tours of the farm as well as workshops for the little ones.

Things to do in Paris. Farm Piqueur in Paris, France.

Père Lachaise

A calm and peaceful place in the heart of Paris, the famous cemetery is a must-see when visiting Paris. Its prominence is due to the fact that it hosts the tombs of a few very famous people from writers Oscar Wilde and Victor Hugo to painter Eugène Delacroix or rock legend Jim Morrison. Plus, it's an amazing architectural experience.

Things to do in Paris. Pere Lachaise in Paris,France.

Barques Bois de Boulogne

Another suggestion for those who like to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city from time to time: rent a boat on the beautiful Lake Bois de Boulogne and paddle away while soaking in the nature around you.

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