Opening Blu – An Inside Look at Blu´s Latest Award Winning Design Hotel in Belgrade

At Radisson Blu, we love sharing our passion for great design all over the world. That’s why when we got the opportunity to become the very first design hotel in Belgrade, we jumped at the chance!


The Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel has already won two international design awards, taking home first prize in the interior design competition for “Renovation” and second prize in the category “Commercial”!



Guests have a unique opportunity to experience the grandeur of the 19th century façade, while enjoying all the comforts of modern technology and design inside. Natural colors and materials (such as oak, stone, bricks, copper, and textile), combined with the latest designer touches, breathe new life into this historic building. The unique ambiance of the Hotel was created by the prestigious Graft Architects design bureau, which preserved the mill’s authentic heritage by using an industrial-chic aesthetic. Even the rooms are furnished with exclusive paintings from the Strauss & Hillegaart artistic society.



The Hotel’s bar and restaurant OMB Larder + Lounge promotes Serbian culinary tradition by incorporating fresh, local products and creative, modernist cuisine’s techniques in a rich menu.


The OMB Larder cherishes the ’Slow Food’ concept, designed for hedonists and true food-lovers who savour every bite of their meal. This concept was promoted 30 years ago as an alternative to fast food, striving to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encouraging farming and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystems. The Larder also introduces an innovative and sustainable ’zero-kilometre’ philosophy, meaning that food products are grown and procured locally, such as lamb from Stara planina, mangulica meat, cheese, raspberry, or a local craft beer Kabinet. All ingredients are carefully selected and combined to create a local dining masterpiece.


So how exactly does Radisson Blu celebrate an opening of a new Blu as fabulous as the Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel? Music, dancing and a speech from the Prime Minister of Serbia are just a few of the ways we showed our excitement during the grand opening. Watch the video to get a flavor of our latest addition the Blu family:

Opening Blu - Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel, Belgrade

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