Our Kyiv City Beach Guide

Kyiv is a beach destination?


You wouldn’t believe it but, yes, it’s true! And you’ll be spoilt for choice too. Once the temperature starts to climb– Kyiv offers quite a range of mid to upper scale beach options for all you bathing beauties. The hardest part is making a decision!

Choose from lounging peacefully on the river bank with soothing natural scenery, or on the top of the skyscraper with an urban skyline panorama of the entire city; or perhaps a casual free-admission barbeque-smoke-filled Hydropark is more your scene? Or you like the finer things in life and prefer a state-of-the-art ‘members’ only’ exclusive city resort?

Don’t worry. The Radisson Blu Hotel Kyiv, Podil City Centre has narrowed it down and picked their favorites so you can enjoy your day in the sunshine in Kyiv stress free:


TSARSKY City Resort

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Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, without setting foot outside downtown Kyiv – this is the goal of TSARSKY City Resort. You’ll find a summer terrace and a 25-meter-long outdoor pool on the 3rd floor of a luxury resort in the heart of Kiev. The TSARSKY city resort also offers comfortable atmosphere with delicious food, refreshing cocktails and scented hookahs.  Relaxed vacations on weekdays and pool parties with DJ-sets on weekends are available daily from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m.



City Beach Club


This vibrant terrace with two swimming pools is located on the roof of one of the most popular shopping centers in Kiev “Ocean Plaza”. City Beach Club lets you sunbathe near the pool, feast at their delicious restaurant or just hang out and enjoy the sunshine until evening, when whole beach club turns into an open air night club with fantastic views of the city. Open from 9 am until whenever the last guest gets tired!



Olmeca Plage


For slow-paced sunbathing, try the Olmeca Plage located on an island in the middle of Dnipro River. Open day and night, their summer complex offers you a multitude of beach activities from an outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, children's playground, to a gym, massages and volleyball courts.

Bora Bora Beach Club

Looking for a secluded spot to enjoy the summer weather? The Bora Bora Beach Club on the banks of the Dnipro River, just might be your answer. Surrounded by live palm trees, and open 24 hours, this beach club is sure to make you forget that you’re located in a major city. Amenities include two swimming pools, beach volleyball courts and jet skis, a nightclub, and a restaurant with European and Japanese cuisine.

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