4 perfect spa weekend destinations

Radisson Blu Badischer Hof Baden Baden indoor pool

Need some ‘me time’? Of course you do. Making time for some relaxation is an investment. And in case you need convincing, these are 4 reasons you should consider treating yourself to a spa day. Simply booking a massage is a good start, and many of our hotels offer treatments which you can easily slot into your schedule. But sometimes, what you really need is a proper retreat! A brief hiatus from life’s day to day. The places below will help you to do that, and then some.

Istanbul, Turkey: The true Turkish bath

The origin of the Turkish bath is associated with the culture of the Ottoman Empire, so it’s no wonder that Turkey is THE place to experience this age-old treatment. For a true Turkish bath, the process starts with relaxation in a heated room. Bathers then move to an even hotter room before cooling down in cold water. After a full body wash and a massage, they finally retire to the cooling-room for a period of relaxation.

There are many historical hammams to discover in Istanbul but you don’t need to go far when you stay with the Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Istanbul Tuzla. The Elysia Spa offers a modern reworking of the Turkish hammam experience as well as all the treatments you could dream of.

Spa Istanbul - Elysia Spa, Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa, Istanbul Tuzla pool from above.

Learn more about your spa weekend in Istanbul.

Spa, Belgium: The name says it all

Did you know there was a city called Spa? Well, it’s in Belgium. Since the 16th century, the city of Spa has drawn visitors from all over the world to experience the therapeutic effects of its healing waters. And if you stay with the Radisson Blu Palace Hotel, Spa, you have direct access to the funicular that takes you up the hill – in your bathrobe if you choose! – to the Thermes de Spa’s world-class facilities.

Radisson Blu Palace Spa Belgium Thermes de Spa outdoor pool

Tbilisi, Georgia: The ‘warm’ destination

‘Tbilisi’ derives from an Old Georgian word that literally means "warm location". The name was thus given to the city because of its sulphuric hot springs. Visiting the sulphur baths is a must-do when you’re in Tbilisi. But you may never want to leave the 1,600-square-meter spa of the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi City Centre located on the top two floors. The panoramic view alone is enough to revitalize! Discover the array of treatments offered to plan your spa weekend.

Anne Semonin Spa RB Tbilisi Pool interior

Baden-Baden: baths, baths, and more baths!

Baden-Baden is synonymous with wellness thanks to its curative thermal waters that bubble from twelve springs at a depth of about 2,000 metres under the earth. And in case we need to spell it out, ‘Baden’ in German means "bathing”: as a spa town, you’ll have your pick of thermal baths.

Situated in the serene setting of a park in the city center, the historic Radisson Blu Badischer Hof Hotel, Baden-Baden, a former Capuchin monastery, is a peaceful retreat.

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