20 Photos that will make you want to go to Beijing right now

Chinese wall

In a city where old traditions and buildings are surrounded by modern culture, it’s easy to get lost in thought and admiration. Bring your camera and keep your head up to avoid missing the unique sights of Beijing.

If you have already pinpointed must-sees, get ready to add some more to your list. Sleep close to highlighted attractions in the Chaoyang district at Radisson Blu Hotel, Beijing. Few things can beat taking a random stroll and looking for hidden treasures with your camera in a giant city.

New dining experiences

Beijing street food - Wangfujing snack street

When you have readied yourself for some untraditional food choices, head over to the Wangfujing Snack Street, right next to one of the busiest shopping streets in town. After filling your bags with colourful, exotic goods there’s nothing like a bite to eat. You can choose from an array of traditional food, such as stir-fries, Peking duck or kebabs, or try some crunchy scorpions if you are feeling adventurous.

Serenity and peace

Explore the original Chinese gardens, duplicated and admired all around the world and known for their stunning aesthetics. They are traditionally created to replicate or miniaturize larger natural landscapes with the inclusion of ornate buildings. Follow the winding paths within the enclosed areas across town for a relaxing break. One of the main highlights in the city is most definitely the Beijing Botanical Garden.

Cultural discovery

Chinese opare - Hung Chung Chih

To get a proper taste of the Chinese culture, a visit to the Peking Opera is mandatory. The traditional Chinese theatre includes music, mime, vocal performances, acrobatics and dancing. With a history dating back over 200 years and authentic, bright costumes, you’re in for a real treat. Check out their schedule at Visit Beijing.

Architecture to amaze

Beijing architecture

No matter which path you choose to wander, you are sure to stumble upon some fantastic architecture. Grand buildings with ornate details and interesting histories are a spectacular highlight. Make sure to get some great snapshots that will take you right back to your holiday in Beijing long after you return home.

Everyday bliss

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If you have already seen the major highlights of the city, there are still several treasures to immortalize with your camera. Get some snapshots of everyday life to really capture the unique atmosphere. Every time you step outside the door, there are new things to see and experience in the ever so busy city of Beijing. Get ready to explore!

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