More Power To Radisson Blu, Leeds

What’s the one thing that hotels should use less of? Complimentary shampoo? Polish? Jam sachets? Gin? (or tonic, for matter?)

All good suggestions. But the correct answer is in fact something we never actually see, but that’s behind virtually everything that happens, from taking guests up to their rooms to keeping them cool at night.

You guessed it, energy; the thing that powers hotels around the world and a resource that every business should be doing their best to conserve.

Which is why the Radisson Hotel Group recently launched their Think Planet award; an initiative to recognise the hotel within the Group which achieves the highest energy savings during the course of the year.

All part of a targeted 25% energy reduction across all hotels in the Group throughout EMEA by 2016, plus a plan to reduce water consumption and install water saving devices in guestrooms; ensure 100% of hotels are eco-labelled by 2015 and reduce waste to landfill.

Leeds leads the way
And where better to find the winner of the 2013 award then in the heart of England’s historical industrial powerhouse, Leeds?

Last year, the city’s Radisson Blu Hotel was named winner of the Think Planet for its energy savings of 33% kWh per m2 and 35.5 kWh per occupied room, beating over 430 Radisson Hotel Group's hotels to the prize.

So how did they do it?
This impressive reduction in energy consumption was not achieved by compromising on guest facilities or comfort levels, but by using switched on thinking when it comes to energy use.

First off, all heating, ventilation and air-conditioning installations were optimised, with controls and temperature sensors checked for efficiency.

Then, a massive lighting refit was undertaken with LEDs replacing old fashioned bulbs to light the building, and air flow filters within rooms changed more often to create more energy-efficient air con.

This was backed up by an employee awareness poster campaign, daily meter readings as well as the installation of new energy efficient kitchen appliances and ‘Cheetah’ variable kitchen ventilation.

Change starts here
The amazing 33% reduction in energy use at Leeds gives the Group an ideal framework energy reduction that can be applied to any of its hotels around the world to create an even more sustainable place to stay.

To say ‘thanks’, every staff member was presented with a folding bike to help them spread the energy saving message throughout Leeds and beyond. Just the start of a cycle of positive change for sustainability taking place at Radisson Blu hotels around the world.

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