Need to quarantine? Here´s what to expect!


With new regulations coming into play, many travelers across the globe are spending the end of their trip in government required quarantine stays. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Radisson Hotel Group has been providing quarantine services in over 70 hotels in various countries in support of national and local governments and health authorities and will continue to support the society and government going forward, whilst keeping the safety and security of guests as top priority.
Read on to see what a quarantine stay in our hotels looks like.

A safe stay

At Radisson Hotel Group, our hotels have played an active part during this pandemic to care for our people and the community. We have consistently supported local governments and provided quarantine services at select properties for travelers and front-line workers including the NHS in the United Kingdom as they continue their hard work and bravery, always ensuring the highest possible safety and cleanliness procedures are in place as verified by SGS, the world’s leading inspection, testing, verification and certification company.

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So what does quarantine look like in a hotel?

TV and Internet are important friends during a quarantine stay! All our hotels offer a wide range of complimentary TV channels, radio channels, and Chromecast. We also offer free high-speed WiFi so guests can access online entertainment. Guests can always ask our hotel teams for advice, and they are happy to provide their top picks as a proposed online entertainment & sports program for guests. For example in our quarantine hotels in Australia, the televisions are marked with a tab called ‘Physical’ which encourages guests to stay active during their stay with free virtual yoga sessions.

With safe-distancing measures in place, guests should not leave their rooms unless for medical reasons as assessed by on-site medical staff. To make the stay as comfortable as possible, the Executive Housekeeper and their team put together special in-room ‘care packages’ consisting of additional towels and bathroom amenities. In all quarantine hotels, guests will receive fresh towels daily and are welcome to order additional towels and pillows, wake-up calls, and laundry services by simply contacting the hotel team.

Memorable moments in quarantine

Food is often the highlight of any hotel stay, and even more so for quarantine guests. At Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney, 300 rooms have been progressively occupied with quarantined travelers for 14 days since April 2020. Throughout this timeframe, the hotel has gone the extra mile to ensure that guests have a quality stay. In fact, guests were so appreciative of the food served, they left positive and grateful notes on their lunch boxes!

All Radisson Blu guestrooms are equipped with upscale coffee and tea making facilities, amongst other amenities and the hotel team is happy to provide ample refills. For prevention reasons, the minibars are not stocked, but by simply contacting the hotel team, the guest can receive a wide selection of beverages and snacks.

In addition to big windows provided in our guestrooms, we have also improved the air circulation in our rooms to increase air quality, to make it more pleasant for guests to stay in the rooms. As it turns out, the big hotel windows can even help love blossom throughout the quarantine stays...

Rouvanne and Rhynie met over 27 years ago when she was a waitress and he an entertainer. He admits he had a crush on her back then but as they both had partners respectively, nothing ever came of it. When Rhynie got the opportunity to work overseas, she jumped at the opportunity. After some time they reconnected again - both their relationships had ended and there was nothing preventing them from connecting besides living in Australia and South Africa so they started a long-distance relationship and Rhynie planned to come back to South Africa in May 2020. But then COVID-19 happened. Rhynie did everything she could to finally get back to South Africa and to Rouvanne. When flights and travel were permitted, she booked a trip around the world to get to South Africa.

Rhynie spent the designated 14-day travel quarantine at the Park Inn by Radisson Cape Town Foreshore. Desperate to see her and unable to wait another second, Rouvanne went to the hotel where he was able to see her from the pavement below. He painted a big sign that said “I Love You” which he sat beside twice a day when he visited her.

And what happens when it’s time to leave quarantine?

Once the required isolation stay is over, guests are allowed to leave the hotel and go home. For the hotel, this means a new round of extensive cleanliness and hygiene procedures as part of the Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol where each room which was previously occupied by a quarantine guest is cleaned and disinfected as well as being left unoccupied for 72 hours between separate quarantine stays, whenever possible.

For more information about how we are ensuring a safe stay, watch our video about the Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol here.

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