A quick trip around Trondheim for the busy business traveler

Trondheim Airport - colorful buildings on the edge of a canal, Trondheim Norway.

Just because you are on a work trip, doesn’t mean your whole stay must be suits, business books and computer screens. Take a break, see the city and enjoy Trondheim. Minutes away from your desk is Norway’s third largest city. Jump on the bus outside the hotel and make use of your time here. Take a quick walk between its buildings to get your blood pumping, and check out its history at the cathedral or the fort ‘Festningen’. When it is time to fill up, Trondheim has everything you could want, so we picked a few refueling spots. Read on to learn more.

Tour the city by foot

Stretch your legs in this wonderful city by taking a walk along the river. Starting from the center, walk over the Bakke Bru Bridge crossing the river to Bakklandet. Take the first right and you will find yourself in the beautiful old part of town where the city’s workers once all lived. These stone cobbled streets are adorned with quaint little cafés and restaurants beckoning you in to taste some of Trondheim’s best Norwegian dishes. Once you make it to the next bridge cross again and make sure you stop to take a look. This wooden wonder has a view of the colorful houses lining up against the river. Once over the bridge you are right on the Cathedral’s doorstep.

After spending some time at the cathedral, continue past, sticking to the river path. Here you will discover a lovely walking track hugging the water. In the summertime, the local Trønders come here to bathe in the sun and in the cold depths. Enjoy the sun or the snow-capped hills in the background.The next bridge leads you into the city center if it is time for something to eat, or across the bridge to continue walking along the other side.

You can get a great view over the city if you are willing to take the hike up to Festningen, the fort standing on the top of the hill behind the Old Town. This was originally build to protect Trondheim from attacks from the East and is officially named Kristiansten Fortress. The white defensive tower is now a museum filled with remnants from when the Swedes attacked in 1718, and the grounds are a nice spot to have a sandwich while watching over the city. This is a great vantage point for photo opportunities.

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Awe at Trondheim Cathedral

Nidarosdomen, also known as the Trondheim or Nidaros Cathedral is a giant structure in the middle of the city that you really cannot miss. Its gothic like design is beautiful when shrouded in snow, and eye opening when surrounded by green in the summer. Walk around with a coffee in hand and study the intricate sculptures on its face.

Nidaros Cathedral- Trondheim, Mid-Norway

Refuel for another day of hard work

If your style of refueling is to visit a local pub and enjoy a simple meal with your favorite ale, then join the locals at Den Gode Nabo (the Good Neighbour). The wooden interior here sitting over the river was once the bar serving the workers for the Bakklandet side of the river. Now however, inside you will find a place where all Trønders come together.

For those that want an evening with a little entertainment, walk into Antikvariatet, a café bar with live music and a fascinating book bar. Enjoy a hot meal, a drink, and the music in one of their vintage decorated rooms or sit outside with the band.

If you're looking for an opportunity to try some top quality Scandinavian food, check out the Bakklandet Skydsstation. This incredible cafe restaurant serves you a mix of Scandinavian dishes and mouth-watering cakes. Deemed one of the coziest places in Scandinavia by National Geographic, you simply cannot just walk past!

For something a little more rustic, head to Graffi Grill & Bar for a steak, burger or chicken. This is a spot where your steak is always perfectly cooked and the atmosphere is bubbling just like your ice cold beer.

Whether snow or shine, Trondheim really is the perfect destination if you're looking to combine business and pleasure. A walk around the river will showcase some of the beautiful stones and colorful wooden structures and houses that make the streets shout Scandinavia. Inside the wooden walls, you‘ll be treated to art, culture and edible delights. So break away from the business space just for a moment before returning to the Radisson Blu Hotel, Trondheim Airport and check out the town!

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