Radisson Blu – ‘Best Seat Out of the House´

At Radisson Blu, design is in our DNA.


From the world’s first design hotel built in Copenhagen in 1960 by Arne Jacobsen, to the Aquadome in Berlin, we’re dedicated to making hotels as iconic, stylish and sophisticated as our guests.


We’ve already shown you some of our ‘Best Seats in the House’, but now we’d like to show you some of our ‘Best Seats Out of the House’. Scroll down to see four of our favorite examples of idyllic outdoor seating from Blus around the world - and what makes them so unique.

Are you sitting comfortably?

The best seat in the house is sometimes outside the house. And it isn’t always, necessarily, the best-upholstered one. At Radisson Blu Resort and Spa in Ajaccio Bay, Corsica the best seat is under the big wide sky. The deep, embracing warmth of the sunshine beckons, tempting you into complete relaxation in these designer seats with a view.

These seats are a breath of fresh air – on a private terrace, pointing into the breeze and warmed by the Mediterranean sunshine. And just for a moment, nothing else really matters – settle in, order a cocktail, sink deeper into the chair and just… well, just be. Utter luxury. We rarely get the chance so make the most of it when you can, you deserve it.

Take your breath away

Dubai: famed for (amongst other things) its breath-taking skyline. From the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa – to the vast expanse of open sky above this extraordinary city, the views are exceptional. And so an extraordinary vantage point doesn’t seem like an unreasonable request

Imagine a third floor pool deck where cocktails and tasty bites to eat are always on hand as you slip out of the water, pausing to catch sight of the amazing vista before you, and then slip into a chair to enjoy it at leisure. A truly magnificent seat from which to watch the sun go down at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Downtown.

Check out that view

The Côte d’Azur – blue seas and pine trees, sunny beaches and thank you speeches. Cannes is the epitome of the glamour of the south of France and offers some of best views imaginable. The Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel et Thalasso has the best of them: the rooftop is home to Le 360, a fabulous restaurant with these seats and this view.

From here you can sit back and enjoy uninterrupted views of the old town, the Esterel hills and Ile St Marguerite where the Man in the Iron Mask was incarcerated. If, however, you don’t mind a spectacular interruption to your view, you should visit in September when your seat will offer you views of the spectacular Royal Cannes Regatta or during July and August when a regular Fireworks Festival lights up the sky above you.

Dakar, Senegal: a place long-associated with Paris, France, from where intrepid drivers and riders would set off, Dakar-bound, in one of the world’s most romantisized and longest endurance races. The iconic Paris-Dakar is no more (although the spirit lives on and is simply called ‘Dakar’ now, although of late has taken place in South America), but Cape Verde in Dakar is still a destination worth making an effort for.

This is the terrace from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar Sea Palace – and what a terrace. Big, wide, roomy chairs designed especially to linger in; created and positioned in such a way that a long, relaxing look at the spectacular view of the ocean is a delicious inevitability. Amongst those who have enjoyed this very special view are Barack Obama, Albert II, Prince of Monaco and Kofi Annan – not, necessarily, all at the same time!


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