Radisson Blu chef Fabrizio Righetti´s favorite summer food trends

While the fashion world follows the newest developments when it comes to color and silhouettes, gourmet professionals are constantly tracking the newest food trends. Hotels and restaurants consider the tastes and needs of guests, try to integrate novelties and special offers into seasonal menus, and attempt to include innovations even into classic breakfast buffets and conference food. Fabrizio Righetti, the culinary expert at Radisson Blu Hotel Kyiv, does exactly that, and here he introduces his favorite summer food trends, from cold soups to Asian cuisine. All dishes mentioned have already been served by Fabrizio at the hotel to the delight of our guests!


Especially for the summer season Fabrizio created his very own interpretation of a Gua Bao: the popular Taiwanese steamed bread filled with grilled chicken breast in teriyaki sauce. Yummy!



“Cold soups are a great way to fight the heat while keeping all the nutrients in place. Plus, they are high in fiber and vegetables”, the hotel chef explains.

Blending & Mixing

“You can blend and mix whatever you want. The most important is to use only healthy ingredients: fruits and dairy products, preferably with ginger and lemon”, says Fabrizio.

Fish and orange salad

A refreshing and rather unlikely combo that may surprise you!


Green delights

In summer it’s important to stay healthy and hydrated, and natural fresh products are key. Here’s a healthy, daring mix of avocado, mint and cucumber!


Fruity drinks

Juicy bubbles of the non-alcohol kind just like the Virgin Bellini cocktail with peach juice, fresh peach and  sparkling water can even be enjoyed during a business meeting.




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