The Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel - A Destination for Modern Travel

“Finding a deeper meaning for travel is a globally growing trend. Travellers want to learn new things, grow and develop as individuals, take care of their health and fitness and enjoy life, no matter whether they are travelling on business or for leisure. The purpose of the renewal of the Marina Palace is to create an even more multifaceted and inspiring environment for enjoying the pulse of the city or calming down and enjoying the moment,” says Sanna-Liisa Byskata, General Manager of the Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, in Turku Finland.

001 Rdb Marina Turku Riverview room 433

The renewed rooms are designed to offer guests a more personalized and comfortable experience, with a touch of luxury. The rooms will serve as an oasis for recharging after a busy working day and an inspiring environment for free-time experiences.

20120411 Eira, Helsinki. Kodit - Hillitysti väritetty. Kuvassa Jaana. Koti ja keittiö / Jeppe Tuomainen. HUOM! Kysy päätoimittajalta saako juttua antaa eteenpäin, koska jutussa olleilta ihmisiltä on ensin kysyttävä lupa saako heidän kotiaan esitellä muualla kuin Koti ja keittiö lehdessä.

“The colors and materials have been selected to support the desired customer experience. The color combinations, the feel of the materials and the effect of the lighting create a comprehensive experience that is pleasing to the senses,” says Jaana Ekman from Visionary Design Partners, the agency responsible for interior design in the renewal project.

The new lobby facilities will offer a new type of living room for travellers and locals in the middle of the city, at the meeting point of urban and natural environments. Combined with a magnificent view over the river, the comfortable, insightfully designed interior creates a unique urban setting. “The lobby is intended to be a versatile facility. It combines privacy and a sense of community in a manner that allows guests and visitors to enjoy themselves or focus on work on their own or in a group,” says Ekman.

The rooms, lobby and gym facilities of the Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel will be renewed during the winter and spring 2017. Welcome to explore the new inspiring environment!

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