The Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, Turku Loves Dogs!

Finnish people have always been dog-friendly nation and today there has been reported to be about 800,000 dogs in the whole nation. So about 35% of every Finn has a dog or dogs as a pet or as a hunting friend.

One of the most ambitious dog enthusiast can be found from Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel in Turku. Ms. Ulla Lähtevänoja and her team has been organizing various events for several years for dogs and their owners like terrace openings, Christmas parties, fairs and “hug” dog events in rest home.

One of the most successful event was held, now for the second time, on May 13th where especially French Bulldogs and their owners we invited. The Radisson Blu Marina Palace's terrace was decorated to please the furry pet and sponsors collected together a delicacy buffet. 180 invitees from around Finland gathered for this event, took a walk together by the Aura-river shore and enjoyed the doggy atmosphere at Marina.

As you can now imagine with Radisson Blu dog guests are at least as important as any other guests; paws get cleaned with soft Finlayson towels and Blu Dreams are slept in a cozy dog bed. Delicacy bag will keep the hunger away.

So if you are wondering if it’s easy to travel with a dog in Finland – no worries! Radisson Blu welcomes the whole big family, hairy or not 🙂

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