Radisson Blu Marseille receives Think Planet Award

Radisson Blu Marseille harbour sunset

The Radisson Blu Marseille was extremely proud to receive the « Think Planet Award », a distinction which is given every year by Radisson Hotel Group to a hotel which proves its engagement in terms of environment and energy-saving.

Think Planet Award Radisson Blu Marseille bicycles at the harbourMassive investments

One of the key figures of this project is that in just five years, the hotel has managed to save up to 31% kWh/m² of its energetic consumption. To achieve this remarkable figure, the hotel has had to make enormous investments (more than 320.000 Euros) and to put in place a series of highly effective procedures.

Renewing older machines and designing innovative systems

Some of the most noticeable actions undertaken by the hotel have been to discard older machines and favor more ecological tools and products:

  • Older lighting systems have been entirely removed and more than 1200 LED light bulbs have been used especially on the façade and in the common areas of the hotel.
  • Older ovens have been replaced with newer energy-saving systems.

Think Planet Award Radisson Blu Marseille team photo

Such measures and many others would not be optimal without teams being fully trained and clients informed. Moreover, the hotel has innovated by introducing brand new technologies amongst which this special software which allows to start or to stop the air-conditioning system as the client checks in or out.

The challenge: never compromise on client satisfaction

For Mr George Chauve, the hotel General Manager, the challenge was huge especially in order to maintain the highest level of service and of customer satisfaction:

We wanted to prove that we would be capable of preserving the utmost quality of service while contributing to our planet’s sustainable development.


Think Planet Award Radisson Blu Marseille bicycles facing the harbour

The General Manager also insisted on the essential role played by the teams and on the pride that they all felt when they were awarded the prize:

Receiving this prize is for me a genuine tribute and reward to all those in our team involved in favor of the environment.

A reward for the whole team

Think Planet Award Radisson Blu Marseille team outside hotel

Apart from the more financial and technical aspects, it is important to highlight the work done by the teams on a daily-basis month after month. This is their achievement. As part of the Think Planet Award, a special prize was given to all of the employees who received a bicycle in recognition of their effort and their engagement towards the planet.

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