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Pharma forums, research results and drug presentations. Continued training in the pharmaceutical field is one of the most important pillars of the work of doctors and pharmacists. Only those who keep up with the times can provide their customers and patients with the best possible consultation and care. Transparency and ethics? Travel expenses? Catering? All of these are sensitive questions, which we deal with for meetings in the healthcare sector in particular.

It is precisely for this reason that there are specific requirements in Germany for event planning in the healthcare sector: the FSA Code, also known as the Pharma Code. Do you want to hold regulation-compliant, successful and relaxed meetings? Radisson Blu is your reliable partner for holding pharmaceutical events. Our tailor-made flat rate meeting packages are FSA Code-compliant and offer maximum transparency so that you can have a successful healthcare meeting.


FSA? What does that actually mean?

55 well-known pharmaceutical companies have come together to create the "Association for the Voluntary Independent Monitoring of the Pharmaceutical Industry" (FSA). Founded in 2004, the FSA is the guardian of ethics and transparency in the German pharmaceutical industry - and this benefits patients. Codes of conduct are very precisely defined and monitored here. Even details of cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and professionals in the field are published. This allows everyone to understand which doctor has begun a working relationship with which companies. The FSA, its member companies and the doctors who cooperate with them meet the socio-political demand for greater transparency.

Using a wide range of training sessions and workshops, the FSA supports its member companies and ensures compliance with its standards. Did you know that the FSA imposes sanctions relating to misconduct and makes this information public? Unfair marketing is thus immediately nipped in the bud. Only in this way can the public's trust and its high demands on the pharmaceutical industry be properly supported, and the collaboration between doctors, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations kept in "good health."



And internationally?

What is often legally regulated in Germany is often not yet mandatory in other countries. Nevertheless, the topic of "Compliant meetings and events in the healthcare sector" is becoming increasingly important abroad as well. Do you know about the Healthcare Venues Directory? This is an international directory of compliant meeting locations, issued by Compliant Venues, an independent consultancy firm from the UK. Similar to the FSA, Compliant Venues helps meeting locations to become familiar with the event requirements of medical and pharmaceutical companies and undergo a strict suitability test for healthcare events.


EFPIA - The EU Pharma Scene

And what about the preservation of interests at the European level? EFPIA, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations, plays a key role in this regard. 33 national pharmaceutical associations, 42 of the leading pharmaceutical companies and 1,900 healthcare companies have joined this European umbrella organization. EFPIA is THE voice of the EU pharma scene. Its aim is to promote developments in the healthcare sector, to combat conflicts of interest and to provide more transparency across countries between the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare organizations, patients and governments, in order to achieve an innovative, sustainable and transparent healthcare system in Europe and the world.


Do you want to hold Pharma Code-complaint meetings? Of course!

Radisson Blu practices responsible business and transparency - across Germany and across the world. We are your trustworthy certified partner when it comes to FSA-compliant pharmaceutical events: for you as an event planner and for you as a participant and guest. We are on your side: from the first moment of planning to the successful completion. Which aspects need to be taken into account during pharmaceutical events, in terms of the FSA Code? At Radisson Blu, we have specially trained employees who are well-versed in the Pharma Code and current German laws. This allows us to optimally support you as a meeting planner assigned the task of organizing events for medical and pharmaceutical companies. What are the guidelines for catering? What components must the flat rate meeting packages include? What conference room meets the requirements? And what about the event technology? We are well-versed in the Pharma Code requirements and know exactly what is important, and especially what is FSA-compliant. Plan calmly and with a positive feeling, and realize a successful and relaxed event. If you have any questions, our experienced, FSA-trained meetings and events team is always available to help you on the day of the event.

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Participate and enjoy

As a doctor or pharmacist, you no doubt take part in forums and training sessions throughout the year. Your time is valuable. Focus entirely on your successful event. We promise to take care of everything else. Whether the Radisson Blu hotel in Frankfurt, Hamburg or Berlin: at many German Radisson Blu hotels, we offer customized FSA Code-compliant flat rate event packages that do not exceed the catering part of the FSA value limit of EUR 60. For an all-around perfect meeting ambiance, you can enjoy delicious brain food snacks, which ensure great concentration, and free high-speed Internet throughout the entire hotel. A relaxed and successful meeting experience is ensured by a free "Grab & Run" breakfast for early birds, our concierge business service and car parking with direct access to the hotel.

Do you want to hold Pharma Code-compliant meetings? As an organizer and as a guest. Ensuring more transparency and trust. Enjoy Experience Meetings by Radisson Blu!

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