Radisson Blu Nice wins ´Think Planet´ Award!

At Radisson Blu, we like to reward people who do good things.


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So we couldn't resist rewarding the Radisson Blu Hotel Nice and its employees for increasing their energy savings by 31% since 2011! Because of this, each of the 100 employees, in return for their commitment to the 'Think Planet' project, received a free bicycle


The "Think Planet" program is a 25% reduction in energy consumption of all Radisson Hotel Group's hotels in Europe, Africa and the Middle East by 2016. While this is certainly an ambitious goal, we're thrilled to announce that the Radisson Blu Nice successfully achieved this target by decreasing its energy consumption by 31% kWh / m² through a targeted investment program.

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To recognize this success, Inge Huijbrechts, Vice President, Responsible Business was present in Nice to give Eric van Dalsum, General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel, the "Think Planet Award ", and reward employees by offering them each a folding bike, as a symbol of their commitment to the environment.


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In 2011, the energy consumption of the all hotel brands (which includes Radisson Blu) in the Radisson Hotel Group was 1.2 billion kWh per year. In order to reduce this number the energy consumption of the 430 hotels 25% by 2016, Radisson Hotel Group launched in late 2011 "Think Planet", an energy resource saving program that concerns all hotels in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


The cumulative energy savings over 5 years will be equivalent to the consumption of a city like Avignon, or to the emissions of about 245,000 cars.


To achieve this goal, smart energy habits have been implemented in hotels: switching off unnecessary lights, replacement of light bulbs with LEDs, regulation of heating and air conditioning, heat exchange systems, alarms on freezers, presence detectors ...


"Many hotels have gradually introduced environmental conservation measures and control of consumption. "Think Planet" is a generalization of the best initiatives to all our 430 hotels and 35,000 employees of the network in Europe, Africa and Middle East to focus on investments that can save energy and increase their impact ", explains Inge Huijbrechts, Vice President, Responsible Business.


To reward the hotel with the best results in terms of energy savings, our Group annually awards the "Think Planet Award". After the Radisson Blu Leeds (United Kingdom) in 2013 and Radisson Blu Waterfront Cape Town in 2012, the Radisson Blu Hotel Nice was this year awarded the "Think Planet Award". Our Group also congratulated the employees by offering them each a bike.

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"This award is a great pride for me, and I want to share it with all our employees for their commitment to the environment and their participation in this great project. As a hotel, we are committed to give the example in terms of energy savings, and want to prove that it is possible to act in a sustainable way while providing the same quality of service and comfort to our customers. This award is recognition of the commitment, efforts and passion of our employees to transform this project into a daily reality", comments Eric van Dalsum, General Manager Radisson Blu Hotel, Nice.

Long-term investments to reduce the hotel's energy consumption


The Radisson Blu Hotel Nice made a series of investments since 2011, which allowed a 31% kWh/m² saving on the hotel’s energy consumption :

  • In 2011, replacement of the boiler with a condensing boiler,
  • In 2012, installation of a thermal cover for the pool, and replacement of lighting with LED bulbs,
  • In 2014, optimization of the cooling tower and installation of heat exchangers to produce hot water, installation of frequency controlled pumps and implementation of a new centralized building management system
  • In 2015, installation of new demand based air handling units in the lobby and the restaurant,
  • Since 2012, daily tracking set points to meet the comfort of customers and track the progress of energy savings,
  • Since the launch of the program, training for employees of everyday gestures to achieve energy savings


Since 2011, this work represented an investment of €700 000 or $782,505!

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