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To many of our guests, sport is like religion. They value and respect its importance – and so do we. That’s why all our hotels take good care of athletes from around the globe. Whether you’re the captain of New Zealand’s national rugby team or playing your very first football match abroad, we’ve got your needs covered with our specially designed Sports Package.

Photo by Marina Ignatova

Relax ahead of the game

Diary of an athlete

9.30: I fly into London for the first time. It’s a bustling metropolis. I’m exhausted, sleep-deprived, jet-lagged and have a game to win in a few hours. As soon as I enter the lobby at Radisson Blu, I’m overwhelmed by a refreshing atmosphere. The receptionist offers early check-in momentarily so I have time to relax in one of their grand, rejuvenating rooms. The bed welcomes me, the pillow strokes my cheek, and the quilt embraces my dreams. Seconds later, I’m sound asleep.

Super Food - Eat to Win

10.30: Front Desk rings to wake me up.

After a quick, energising shower in the big, bright bathroom, I follow the sweet smell of fresh food. The super breakfast table downstairs is covered with seasonal fruit, vegetables, whole-grain products and lots of fish. All ingredients are pure and nothing will cause a sugar-high!

The kitchen chef even welcomes special orders, so every athlete can savour their preferred meal that will later fuel winning performance on the field! I have a quick chat with him, and he tells me how much he enjoys cooking for sports teams:

“I once had to source a 2kg slab of Diary Milk Chocolate which was an interesting request from a sport professional! I work closely with the trained nutritionists or team chefs on menu delivery. We have to be quite flexible. We don’t want to get it wrong – food and nutrition is key when it comes to sport!”

Plan to win


11.30: Full and satisfied, I gather my crew. It’s quite easy since we have all been accommodated on the same hotel floor. We’re all excited to plan strategies and tactics in a modern meeting room with a view. Healthy brain food and ice-cold water are already on the table, when we get there. High-speed internet, LCD projector, flip charts and stationery are at our disposal for swift planning. One of my players fears his sore back will slow down the team. A skilled and helpful staff member suggests booking a session with the hotel’s physiotherapist right away.

The rest of team heads down to warm up at the fully-equipped, 24-hour fitness centre.

Just in time for celebration!


17.00: After winning the game, the mood is high and everyone wants to celebrate! Luckily, the city offers plenty of entertainment options. Some buy last-minute tickets for a match at Wembley Stadium, others grab a pint at a popular sports pub nearby, and I take a tour at Wimbledon’s Tennis Museum.


23.00: The day ends as any successful day should: in a comfortable bed at Radisson Blu.

Next time your team is off to UK or Ireland, make sure to take advantage of Radisson Blu’s specially designed Sports Package!

That way you will benefit from the best nutrition, modern fitness facilities, and proximity to sporting venues and major stadiums – including Old Trafford in Manchester, The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Murrayfield in Edinburgh and Edgbaston in Birmingham!

We look forward to welcoming you!

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