Relaxed and ready to board

If you’re a seasoned business traveller, you know the scenario: your trip doesn’t start when you board the plane, it starts just after you leave home: motorway traffic jams, overcrowded departure halls and endless queues at security – wherever you look, it’s rush hour. When you use airports with a lot of holiday flights, the trip to the boarding gate can be anything but a walk in the park. Sadly, not even we can help you get around the check-in procedures or the security checks, but we can share 5 tips and tricks with you that can help you arrive at the gate faster and less stressed out.

1. Book a Park, Dream & Fly offer

You can start your trip on a completely stress-free note by making the long trip to the airport one day earlier. And if you consider the Park, Dream & Fly offers of our Radisson Blu Airport Hotel, that makes it not just an offer, but a very attractive option. Thanks to the selection of different services, such as check-in the evening before, free shuttle service to and from the airport, complementary Wi-Fi, parking and a “Grab & Run” breakfast for guests who have booked an early morning flight, you can start your trip in style in one of our designer rooms and then make the trip over to departures in a few minutes. You can take advantage of this offer, for example, for airport departures from Hamburg, Zürich or Amsterdam.

Time saved: depending on your travel time to the airport, between 30 minutes and 2 hours.


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2. Systematic packing

A more relaxed trip starts with how you pack your bags. Your travel documents should be easily accessible. Liquids and all electronic devices, especially your laptop, should be on the top of your hand luggage so they can be removed easily. It’s even better if you can pack your laptop in your suitcase, since this is checked separately and may only be required to undergo a random check in exceptional cases. So, a quick repacking of your bags in the hotel before departure can save time.

Time saved: up to 2 minutes


3. Dress appropriately

Your choice of clothes can also speed up your progress through the airport procedures: The ideal clothes to wear are easy to take off and put on. When choosing shoes, bear in mind there is a good chance you will have to remove them. So you should carefully choose your suit shoes. Ladies should also consider wearing shoes without heels, since heels often contain metal which can set off security alarms. So, our tip is: Wear flat shoes through security and on the plane (they are more comfortable anyway) and pull on the high heels after you deplane at your destination.

Time saved: up to 5 minutes


4. Smart check-in

Of course, you can beat stress by being smart, by checking in the previous evening, or using the check-in counter in the airport hotel lobby, like in Dublin, checking in online or ahead of time using an airport check-in machine. Then you just need to go to the baggage drop and in no time you are ready for take-off. And if you are only travelling with hand luggage it can be even quicker.

Time saved: depending on the airport, up to 15 minutes


5. Show some initiative at security

When you arrive at the queue for airport security, you need to show some initiative. It may seem petty at first, but your active participation in the process can really speed things up during the security check: grab a box yourself and put everything in it that needs to be checked, such as metal objects, mobile phone, tablet and laptop. Put all the clothing items that need to be checked in the first box so you can put them back on while your other hand luggage is being checked. Having your passport and boarding pass ready for inspection also speeds things up. It’s also a good idea to check out the appearance of the other passengers. You should avoid holidaymakers, older travellers and in particular families, and try to queue up behind other business travellers.

Time saved: depending on the airport up to 20 minutes


A friendly demeanour definitely helps and can even save time. Friendly travellers are usually processed a little quicker and perhaps a little less thoroughly. Follow these tips for a more relaxed start to your business trip!

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