Soap for Hope: Making the planet a better place one bar of soap at a time

Did you know that a typical 400-room hotel generates 3.5 metric tons of solid soap waste each year?! Radisson Blu decided to do something about it by joining the Soap for Hope program in partnership with Diversey, industry leader in providing sustainable solutions for cleaning and hygiene products serving customers, amongst others, in the hospitality sector. Discover more about this initiative below and learn how you can help make a difference during your next stay with Blu.

Giving new life to your used soap bar

At each Radisson Blu hotel, using soap bars typically generates up to 1.7 tons of solid soap waste per year. With the Soap for Hope project, these unfinished soap bars will now be recycled for a good cause. Over 7 million children die each year from diseases that can be prevented with simple hand washing. Often these children live in communities who need soap but have no access to it. With Soap for Hope, unfinished soap bars are reprocessed locally and donated to the local community as free health care.

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How Soap for Hope works

Over 30 Radisson Blu hotels around the globe will collect used soap bars and pass them to Diversey representatives. Local entrepreneurs are then shown how to recycle the soap using an innovative cold-press method, which takes less than ten minutes to complete and requires no running water or electricity. The used soap is then distributed to local communities.

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Where your soap will be recycled with Radisson Blu

Soap for Hope has been launched with Radisson Blu in 11 countries together with 32 partner hotels. To date, 81 tons of used soap has been recycled into 674 thousand new bars and every year, about 60 thousand people in local communities benefit from this program. We're very proud to be a part of such an innovative program making a concrete impact on local communities in need.

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Think People. Think Community. Think Planet. Get involved and help make the planet a greener place, one bar of soap at a time, with Radisson Hotel Group and #RadissonCares.

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