Riga: A Perfect Destination for Families

It is so important to not let go of your inner child. And children are of course a good reminder of this! Through their eyes, simple pleasures can be magical, and certainly memorable. Something they can treasure for years to come. In Riga, you will find a plethora of activities to keep the little people busy. See below to find out about some of Riga's top family activities.

Laima Chocolate Museum

For chocolate lovers, Laima Chocolate Museum is the oldest chocolate brand museum that is worth a visit. In the museum, there are many interactive activities, which includes writing messages on your own chocolate (all inclusive of the price of the guided museum tour). Learn the company's humble beginnings that has made them the most popular household name in the country and a favorite among Latvian families. Part of this could have something to do with the company's persistence on controlling the quality from the beginning. Raw cocoa is imported from Africa, which they roast in-house. The process has become a bit of an art form that the company appreciates and as a result, many of the employees were known to have stayed for many years working and preserving the very recipes and processes that still exists today.

Laima Chocolate Museum Latvia

Science & Curiosity Centers ZINOO

For those who aspire to be future Einsteins, the Science & Curiosity centers ZINOO would be an ideal place to explore and be amazed by the number of interactive displays and experiments available. Can we move an object without touching it? –  the center invites your family to explore.

Zili Brinumi Wonders Education and Entertainment in Latvia

Riga Zoo

The city zoo has been busy over the past few years in developing and reconstructing better facilities for the animals and visitors. So if you are in the mood for fascinating animals and helping feed your child’s curiosity of the animal kingdom, hit the Riga zoo. A leisurely stroll could take from 3-4 hours and children can touch and feed the animals at the farms and see more exotic and tropical animals such as snakes. Check out the elegant giraffes and the cheeky monkeys. Educational programs are also available.

Riga City Zoo

Mezaparks & Adventure park "Mežakaķis’’

Once you are in this area, there is a pedestrian-friendly park where you can hire roller-blades or just stroll around this magnificent park by the lake. That is the relaxing and scenic option of course. For the adventurous and brave, there is the Mezakakis (Forest Cat) activity set in idyllic woods. Parents and children can enjoy an energetic 78-obstacle course set between trees with six varying difficulty levels.

The whole obstacle course includes swings, logs, steps and zip lines at up to 200mph in length where you travel down like an action hero. The course typically takes a couple of hours to complete, but if you have enough energy, your entrance fee allows you another hour to go through the obstacles that you enjoyed. A guaranteed activity to use up energy for a good night’s sleep.

Getting to Mezaparks is easy using the tramline no 11 from the city and available every ten minutes or so during the weekday.

Forest Cat in Latvia

Leisure Centre

Lido Restaurant serves not only Latvian traditional foods but also vegetarian options, salads, smoked meats, and desserts are available, there is always so much to choose from. There's a good reason why they remain a favorite among locals despite competition from modern fast food chains in the city. The main Lido restaurant that can be found on Krastmala street, offers not only delicious foods but also outside activities for children. Lido Leisure Centre has an ice-skating rink during the winter and roller skating rink in summer.

LIDO Leisure Centre in Riga

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