Rome Termini Railway Station

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If you want to explore Italy from Rome, then the best place to start is Rome Termini. This busy railway station serves hundreds of thousands of people every day and has connections to cities all over Italy and beyond.

Located in the heart of Rome in piazza dei Cinquecento, Rome Termini Railway Station provides the residents and visitors to Rome with access to the main railway stations in Italy and beyond. Our stylish Radisson Blu GHR Hotel, Rome is just a short car ride away from this important railway station in Rome.


The Dinosaur

The station has roots dating back to 1867, although it’s been demolished, rebuilt and redesigned since then, with the current Rome Termini completed in 1950 in a mix of architectural styles. Over 150 million people a year now use Rome Termini Railway Station to catch trains pouring in and out of the 32 platforms within. You can access Rome Termini on Piazza dei Cinquecento, Via Marsala or Via Giolitti. Nicknamed ‘The Dinosaur’ for the curved roof of the Central Gallery ticketing hall, Rome Termini is open every day from 4.30am to 1.30am. The station is equipped with signage in English and Italian, automated ticket machines, good information services and modern ticket offices. It also has toilet facilities and a left luggage area as well as shops, restaurants, places of worship, a post office, and banks.

Rome Termini - Aerial View

Travel Tips

You’ll find the main ticket offices in the dinosaur ticketing hall, but if you would rather use a machine then head to one of the many automated ticket machines in the station. Here you can select from English and other languages, and pay by credit card. One of the most important things to note about travelling on a train in Italy is that you must validate your ticket before boarding the train. If you don’t do this you could be fined up to 200 Euros. This is a straightforward task and validation machines are at on every platform. You may want to avoid travelling around some of the busier public holidays in Rome, such as Holy Week and Easter, Santi Pietro e Paolo Day on 29 June, or Feast of the Assumption on 15 August.

Rome Termini - Sunset

All Tracks Lead To Rome

As the biggest railway station in Italy, Rome Termini Railway Station is the perfect place to catch a train further afield. From Rome Termini you can take a high speed Frecciargento train for a day trip to another Italian city. Although the tickets for Frecciargento trains are a little more expensive than the regular lines, they cut the travel time almost in half. Take a Frecciargento from Rome to Naples and in just 70 minutes you could be eating an authentic Pizza Margherita. In a mere 90 minutes from Rome you could be in Florence, marvelling at the duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore. With a Frecciargento from Rome to Venice you could be relaxing with gelato by the Basilica di San Marco in just three and a half hours. With so many trains running through Rome Termini you can also easily get to Pompei, Milan, Genoa, San Marino and other incredible Italian cities.

Roma Terminal

You know what they say, all the ways lead to Rome and Radisson Hotels!

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