A self-guided tour through Lucerne

Things to do i Lucerne - River running through Lucerne city

Lucerne is one interesting city that will surprise you with its number of attractions. Many are within reach by foot, so a walking tour is the perfect way to explore the area. Situated on the River Reuss, the city is divided into two parts: the Old Town and New Town. Both are home to many different attractions you shouldn’t miss, so here is how to explore them in this self-guided walking tour. Take it at your own pace and enjoy all the sights!

Start off in the New Town

Kick off the tour at the Culture and Convention Center, which is a modern masterpiece of a building. It was designed by star architect Jean Nouvel and includes a concert hall, congress center and art museum, all under one roof. For culture lovers this will be the perfect start. The next stop will also be of interest as just 350 meters down the road lies the Rosengart Collection, formerly known as the Picasso Museum. Enjoy the works of Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee and 21 other artists of the 19th and 20th century.

Things to do in Lucerne - Culture and Convention Center

Before crossing the river and leaving the New Town, stop by Jesuit Church. This is the first large Baroque church ever built in Switzerland. It was constructed by Father Christoph Volger in 1666 for the Jesuits. It is now an expression of the Catholic Church’s struggle to regain spiritual leadership in the counter-reformation in the 17th century.

Things to do in Lucerne - Jesuit church in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Cross over to the Old Town

From the Jesuit Church walk 150 meters to the historical Chapel Bridge, which takes you into the Old Town. This is the oldest covered wooden bridge in the world, built in 1332. Halfway across you can also see the Water Tower, an iconic landmark of Lucerne.

Things to do In Lucerne - Chapel bridge and water tower in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Safe on the other side you can walk to the Court Church of St. Leodegar. It was originally founded in the mid-8th century, but after being severely destroyed in 1633 the towers, St. Mary’s altar and a few religious objects are all that remains in the existing 17th-century building.

Things to do In Lucerne - St. Leodegar church in Lucerne, Switzerland.

End the tour with three neighboring attractions

At the end of this tour are three different must-see sights that are each next-door neighbors. Firstly, is the world-famous Lion’s Monument. This incredible artwork was hewn out of stone to commemorate the Swiss guardsmen who died during the French Revolution in 1792. Next, make your way to the Glacier Gardens. It exhibits glacier potholes from last Ice Age that started over 20,000 years ago. It also includes fossils of mussels and palm leaves of the subtropical sea region, which existed 20 million years ago. Inside the garden, you will find the last attraction, a Mirror Labyrinth, Alhambra, which has 90 mirrors inside it. It was originally built in 1896 for the Swiss National Exhibition in Geneva, but today entertains and challenges many.

Things to do in Lucerne - Lions monument in Lucerne, Switzerland.

In total, this self-guided tour is about 2.1 kilometers long. With its starting point only 400 meters from the Radisson Blu Hotel, Lucerne, it makes the perfect tour for exploring the city. After spending the day on your feet and exploring this vibrant city, make sure you are well fed and well rested for the rest of your trip. Enjoy a classic Swiss meal at LUCE Restaurant to end the night and start the day with a burst of energy by trying the Super Breakfast!

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Pack your walking shoes and tour the city of Lucerne with Radisson Blu!

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