5 sensational stops on the French Riviera

French riviera - unset on the French Riviera near Monaco

Drive through paradise along the French Riviera and stop by these five must-see towns when staying in Nice.

You won’t have to drive far from Nice to discover different gems along the French Riviera. Why not hire a car and take a day trip to one of these cities? Whether you like culture, Roman history, sandy beaches, glamour and glitz or want to hit the clubs, these towns have it all.

1. Villefrance-sur-mer

You may not have heard the name before but when you drive into the city you will be glad you came. This wonderful secret hidden along the French Riviera offers incredible views of an ancient port hugging the ocean and is a place that will just make you exhale and relax. Head up to the Fort du Mont Alban and get a higher vantage point to look out across the deep blue. Or grab a coffee in the afternoon sun. Before heading home, be sure to walk along Rue Obscure, a covered street from ages past.

French riviera - old stone archway Villfrance sur mer in France2. Monaco

If the French Riviera doesn’t ring any bells, Monaco certainly will. This is a place full of money and the grand décor and architecture reflects this. Spend a few coins at the Monte Carlo Casino and grab a meal at their incredibly decorated restaurants. There are also a number of designated walks that boast views of the area second to none. In addition to this, the city is full of huge sporting and cultural events each year. Monaco will delight you in many more ways than one, so make sure not to miss it.

French riviera - Monte Carlo casino by night exterior with waterfall in front of it3. Antibes

This ancient city began its journey BC when the Greeks and Romans settled here. In the 15th century, the French King took over rule of the city, however Roman influence still remains. There are aqueducts and fortified walls towering over the golden beaches and you can find a great deal of history here organized into one of the many museums, such as the Archeology Museum.

French riviera - Antibes fortified town in France, view from the water4. Cannes

Cannes is a name you will have certainly heard whether it be for its beautiful beaches, the famous film festival or their magnificent architecture. It is easy to picture yourself with a white sun hat sipping martinis with your toes in the sand in this water bound town. It is less than a 30 minute drive from Nice, meaning you can head here for some afternoon shopping or make a day trip and see some of the sites.

French riviera - Cannes Film Festival red carpet with actress and paparazzi5. St. Tropez

The famed getaway city of St. Tropez is a place for luxury shopping, bikini babes and the well-known Place des Lice Markets. Find fashion, the best foods and enjoy the open-air markets on a Sunday or Tuesday. If you have the whole day then head up to the Citadel that dominates the city and if staying for the evening, then wrap yourself up in its glamour and glitz and head out on the town like a movie star.

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French riviera - St Tropez in France view over old colorful rooftops

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