Water is Life: #BluPlanet Action Month

This September it is all about Blu Planet at Radisson Blu, an ongoing initiative aimed at conserving and protecting the earth’s water supply. In the context of the Blu Planet Action Month, Radisson Blu hotels all over the world are carrying out activities related to water mindfulness and reducing hotel water consumption, from cleaning rivers to organizing charity runs.

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Why focus on water?

Did you know that water covers 71% of our incredible planet but only 1% of this massive amount is actually drinkable?  Experts predict that, by 2025, more than half the world’s population will be facing water-based vulnerability. Meanwhile tourism and hotels create an increase in water consumption, significantly impacting local water availability for the communities in which they operate. Reason enough for Radisson Blu to step up! Blu Planet comprises several continuing projects, such as a towel reuse program in collaboration with the international charity Just A Drop, or the water-light Super Breakfast, which is specifically designed to have a very low water footprint.

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Blu Planet Housekeeping: eco friendly hotels

This year during the Blu Planet Action Month in September, hotels have the option to participate in Blu Planet Housekeeping, which is a housekeeping by-pass program designed to help conserve resources like water and energy, resulting in a reduced environmental footprint. For each night that a guest opts in to the Blu Planet Housekeeping program, they have the choice to receive 1,500 Radisson Rewards gold points per night or the guest can request that the hotel, on their behalf, make a donation to our partner, Just a Drop.

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Soap for hope

The action month is also the perfect occasion to highlight Radisson Blu’s Soap for hope initiative: over 7 million children die each year from diseases that can be prevented with simple hand washing. Often these children live in communities who need soap but have no access to it. At each Radisson Blu hotel, using soap bars typically generates up to 1.7 tons of solid soap waste per year. With Soap for Hope, unfinished soap bars are reprocessed locally, turned into new soap bars, and donated to the local community as free health care.

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Towel reuse program

Radisson Blu guests can make a real difference by using their towels more than once: the hotel donates a small sum to a water charity for every towel that is reused. In this way our guests can directly contribute to our planet, not only by having a lighter environmental footprint, but also by bringing safe drinking water to communities in need.

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Water footprint

Radisson Blu’s water-light Super Breakfast has reduced our water and carbon footprint by more than 20%. But don’t get the wrong impression here: this has nothing to do with the deliciousness or variety of the Super breakfast buffet. Everything we consume has a water footprint, reflecting the total volume of freshwater used to produce the product. For example, a glass of orange juice has a water footprint of 200 liters, and one dozen eggs leave a footprint of 2,400 liters.

Want to stay updated about our activities during the Blu Planet Action Month? Check the #BluPlanet hashtag and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And next time you stay with us, think twice before throwing your towel on the floor!

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