Shop Till You Drop in Kyiv

Move over 5th Avenue - the streets of Kyiv are calling to fashionistas from around the globe.


Even Vogue is sitting up and paying attention to Ukraine's capital as a 'hidden gem' for unique and beautiful fashion pieces. Now's the time to discover these Ukrainian designers for yourself and snag a gorgeous piece of clothing or accessory to add to your own wardrobe.


Not sure where to begin though? Don't worry. We've put together a list of the ateliers and designers you must shop at the next time you're in Kyiv.


Kachorovska shoes atelier

Kachorovska shoes atelier is a family business which is more than 50 years old. Kachorovska combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. Every pair of shoes there tells its own story. What will yours say?



Sanahunt Luxury Concept Store 

Sanahunt is the main multi-brand boutique in Ukraine. Here you can buy Fendi, Lanvin, Balmain and Givenchy. For 18 years Sanahunt Luxury Concept Store sets the tone for the cultural life of the country. The store itself is a five-story mansion in the heart of the Ukrainian capital. A beautiful atmosphere, exclusive interior with lots of glass and light and works of art presented in the store make Sanahunt a real Mecca for celebrities and fashionistas around the world.




Love anything shiny? Then SOVA is for you. The employees at SOVA know what is the perfect match for your style and your mood. Quality materials, contemporary design and technology allow SOVA to produce stylish and affordable long-term jewelry.




BEVZA is a leading Ukrainian women’s wear label based in Kyiv. What makes this brand unique is its fascination and experimentation with the color white. BEVZA is characterized by clean simple silhouettes and high quality.




Varenyky Fashion

Varenyky Fashion is a Ukrainian brand of clothes that combines modern trends with ancient embroidery. For a long time for Ukrainians, embroidery was not only a way to decorate clothing but also a sort of talisman. Each ornamental pattern has its own meaning. "Destiny" for a woman's happiness, "Oak" - the keeper of male power, "Mother Nature" - a symbol of life. All these characters are incorporated into Varenyky Fashion collections today.

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MustHave is the first Ukrainian mass-market, where you can find quality clothes at the resonable prices. MustHave features fun and feminine clothing, with an accent on the silhouette and color, that are just a joy to wear.





Corner Concept Store

Corner Concept Store (CS) is the first multi brand store stocking only Ukrainian brands. The CS presents collections of top Ukrainian designers and artists, who from year to year are creating not just clothes, but tell the history of Ukrainian fashion.






LAKE (earlier known as KAMENSKAKONONOVA) is a designer brand of women’s apparel, footwear, accessories, founded by Natalia Kamenska and Olesya Kononova.In 2012, LAKE brand was awarded "Best Women's Clothing Designer" and "Best Accessories Designer" in Ukraine - at the Ukrainian Awards in the field of fashion.

LAKE's style is casual chic with an emphasis on cut and a sleek silhouette. Just look at their combination of minimalism and complex constructions!





OBERIG is a a jewelry company that combines traditional motifs with modern technology. The rich traditions of the Slavic nations has been a continual source of inspiration for OBERIG jewelry - to great success!


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