Skiing in the Southern French Alps

From sea… to snow

The great advantage when visiting the Southern French Alps is that you are close to the sea. If you land at the international airport of Nice, your first surprise will be to discover that the Alps, or pre-Alps, literally fall into the Mediterranean Sea.

Believe it or not, accessing winter resorts from Nice and from the Radisson Blu Nice is incredibly fast and easy. Most of the ski resorts in the southern French Alps are located within less than a hundred kilometers: Gréolières-les-Neiges (58 KM), Valberg (83 KM) or Isola 2000 (88 KM).


Harbor of Nice and the Pre-Alps

Amazing landscapes and weather

The main quality of the Southern French Alps is that they combine amazing landscapes and gorgeous weather. On your way to the closest ski resorts, there is a great variety of sceneries with narrow canyons, wild rivers and pine forests. Some of the resorts are located next to the Mercantour Park which is a protected area and a unique destination for nature lovers.


Mercantour Park

Ski Resorts for all tastes and levels

There is a wide range of ski resorts all easily accessible by car or public transport (daily coaches) and for all sorts of skiers.

- Village Resorts which are more focused on families and beginners: La Colmiane, Roubion, Gréolières-les-Neiges, etc.

- Large resorts such as Isola 2000, Auron or Valberg.

- Nordic Resorts for Nordic ski fans: Estenc, Le Boréon, Peire-Cava, etc.


A wealth of winter activities, apart from skiing

Tired of skiing? Well then, try something completely different. All the main ski resorts in the southern French Alps now offer an amazing variety of fun and exciting new snow activities.

- Snowshoeing

- Ski trekking

- Off-piste skiing

- Mushing

- Ski-joëring

- Skibob

And for the most daring, you will also find ways to great excitement: ice climbing and ruisseling, heliskiing (free ride on summits that can only be accessed via helicopter), paragliding, snowmobile, driving on ice, airboard, etc.


Radisson Blu Nice, your base camp to thrilling winter holidays

If you are planning on discovering the southern French Alps, the Radisson Blu Nice is the ideal base camp, located just minutes away from the international Nice airport and close to the route leading to the ski resorts (Route des Alpes).

Furthermore, if you just want to spend the day on the slopes while discovering the French Riviera, this is perfectly feasible. So why not try, in just over an hour, you will be enjoying the sunny slopes of the southern French Alps.

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