Small details can make a difference!

Radisson Blu’s meeting and event consultants seek to expand customers’ horizons with feedback and new ideas. They plan and organize meetings and events for customers in all industries. With a keen awareness that no two customers, no two meetings and no two participants are alike, one of the key traits of Radisson Blu’s meeting and event consultants is the ability to identify the customer’s needs from the start. What are the meeting planner’s needs? What type of event is it? What is the content and objective of the event? How can we help the customer achieve its goals?

By focusing on the individual customer, the consultants are able to provide a more personalized service. In close cooperation with the customer they ensure the ideal framework and content for the event securing a successful output. Some customers just need a standard meeting package and design, while others want to chart new territory for involving participants and achieving their meeting goals.

Inge Merete Broberg, Senior Meetings & Event Consultant at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen, has many years of experience at hotels in the Radisson Blu chain and has contributed to developing internal training programs for employees within meetings and events.

“We try to challenge our customers if we sense that they are interested in trying something new and it serves a purpose. It doesn’t take big and wild ideas to create a different type of meeting. Sometime just the way you sit in the room or small activities during breaks make a difference,” says Inge Merete Broberg. She gives 3 tips for your next meeting at Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Copenhagen.

1 – Use your consultant!

Don´t be afraid to ask for advice or good ideas to make a new meeting experience, that is what we are here for! The more we know about the event and your success factors, the more we can assist.

A different meeting experience the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel Copenhagen could for example be to take your coffee break, while having a “back-of-house” tour to the 25th Floor. Coffee stations could be set on f.ex. the 7th, the 14th floor as well as on the 25th floor, where you can enjoy the full break in front of our Panorama windows overlooking the entire city.


- Or why not take the coffee with you outside walking on the path around the lake and rampart just opposite the hotel? The Christianshavn Rampart is part of the Fortification Ring - one of the oldest features in Copenhagen being used as the defense line. Today it is laid out as a park forming a green band around the city centre.

2 - Think Green!

Remember that small things add up, therefore as a start you can choose to have the pens & paper laid out at the entrance instead of at each seat. This saves paper, as many delegates choose to write notes on their iPads, phones etc.  To save even more paper, you can use our meeting APP to collect your event program, speakers list, exhibition overview and much more.


3 - Remember the breaks!

We are so busy these days, that events that used to be a 2-day program, now often is 1-day meeting/training only. This means more learning, information and input over a short period of time, but remember that a human brain can only obtain information for approx. 30 minutes before it needs a break. It can be just a 5-minute break for a quick coffee or an energy shot, a breath of fresh air or an icebreaker for creating renewed energy before the next topic of the day. Remember the breaks throughout the day to keep your delegates alert.


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