Small Meetings - Great Outcomes

Meeting room with a view at the Radisson Blu Bosphorus Istanbul

The traditional office and board room are increasingly a thing of the past as a growing number of us move towards more flexible arrangements - like shared spaces and working from home. Day to day, the practicalities make good sense. But where do you go when you need to finalize contracts with that big client or interview a new candidate? Coffee shops are great places for informal catch-ups. However when it comes to important small meetings like presenting ideas - or even just getting a safe WiFi connection - booking a small meeting room is the only way to go. Check out our tips below to finding the perfect space for your board meeting, interview, training session - or just to get your head down!

1. Location! Location! Location!

Firstly, a convenient, easy-to-find location is a must - to ensure no one gets lost and turns up late - or not at all! Choose a stylish, small meeting space in an iconic venue - well known to local people who can give directions to out-of-towners - with good transport links. So all attendees will arrive stress free and on time, wherever they’re coming from - and however they’re traveling

Radisson Blu Leeds small meeting room

The super central Radisson Blu Hotel, Leeds City Centre is only a 5-minute walk from Leeds Train Station

2. Get the right connections

Choose a well-designed space that comes with free, high speed - and secure - WiFi for smooth running, safe and successful get-togethers. Therefore, Radisson Blu has always been a high tech front-runner: using our sophisticated small meeting rooms, you’re not at risk of the phishing, hacking or ID theft that can happen on public networks. Hence you can swiftly share your great ideas and information without any buffering or loss of connection, knowing that all your confidential data - and that of your client - is truly safe and secure. And the fact your WiFi is FREE is a great added bonus.

Radisson Blu Hotel Madrid Prado small meeting room interior

3. Gear up to win

Check your small meeting space has all the kit you need to succeed. Getting together in a coffee shop, restaurant or bar may seem like a quick fix solution. But what if you suddenly need to print a vital document? Or realise that a flip chart can really bring ideas to life? So choose a contemporary room that offers stationary boxes, flip charts, projectors, screens, a printer and, ideally, excellent audio-visual technology enabling you to bring your great ideas and stories to life.

Radisson Blu Hotel Lyon meeting room interior

Meet with success in the fully-equipped spaces at Radisson Blu Hotel, Lyon.

4. Breakout for inspiration

Sometimes one small meeting space isn’t quite enough to achieve the great outcome you’re seeking. Breakout areas offer a vibrant new environment, inspiring fresh ideas and creativity. They’re also great for introducing a dynamic change of pace, and for informal breaks and chats. So opt for a venue that offers some extra room to manoeuvre - like a stunning meeting lounge, terrace, restaurant or bar.

Radisson Blu Hotel Bristol exterior view from the harbour Fresh air and fresh ideas: hold a breakout session on the outdoor terrace at Radisson Blu Hotel, Bristol.

5. Convenient Parking

Why risk your meeting starting late because you - or your attendees - are struggling to find a nearby parking spot. So it’s much simpler and safer to book a small meeting room at a venue with its own, on-site car park. Saving everyone time, stress and money.

Radisson Blu Hotel Edinburgh small meeting room interior

Our Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh City Centre has an on-site car park for 200 cars and 6 electric charging points

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