5 Smart Check Points for Successful Event Planning

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Planning - and pulling off - the perfect event can be a nail-biting business! Memorable get-togethers rely on a myriad of minute details flawlessly coming together at exactly the right moment. Whatever size or style of event you’re considering, picking the right venue partner to work with is key to success. We recently conducted a survey to find out exactly what makes for perfect event planning, including: inspiration for concepts, finding the perfect venue, booking, planning the event, arrival and set-up, the event itself and the follow up. We’ve used the findings from the experts to help you navigate all the stages of your event planning process. Read on for 5 tips for event planners.

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1. Passion is paramount… so pick a totally hands-on partner

Selecting the right venue is of course key to planning an unforgettable event. And, while finding an exceptional meeting space is vital, it’s also essential to ensure the venue has an enthusiastic team of experts who share your desire to create a truly memorable event. Look for attentive and flexible partners with inspirational, pro-active suggestions about what great things are possible at their venue to ensure a truly memorable experience for your delegates. For inspiration for your next event, check out the 16 outstanding meeting spaces at the Radisson Blu Oslo Airport. 

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2. Every Moment Matters! Rapid response is key…

Prioritize potential partners who get back to you swiftly and efficiently, with a quality proposal covering all your stated requirements. And those who quickly call or email to check they really understand ALL your needs - rather than sending an incomplete proposal. Radisson Hotel Group’s Every Moment Matters mantra means we truly understand that your time - and your business - are too precious to waste.

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3. Hold out for a hero - dedicated to championing your event

Your special event deserves special personal attention. So choose a venue that offers you one dedicated point of contact to deal with every detail - from start to finish. Working with this new, expert team member will cut your stress levels - helping you bring your vision to life. Your champion will know all the basics - like floor plans and capacity charts - and should talk you through important other offerings, like carbon-offsetting and tailor-made packages - such as the Green Key certified Radisson Blu Paris Marne-La-Vallée. Green Key is an international eco-label that includes meeting social, ecological and technical standards that exceed the nation’s official environmental regulations.

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4. Set clear goals - so your partner can help you score

It’s essential you make the purpose of your event crystal clear in your project brief. Goals can include finding the perfect venue with the right capacity, IT provision and payment terms. And remember, food matters! So choose a can-do partner, offering special menus to boost your meeting’s mood or cater for any dietary restrictions - helping to guarantee success. Check out the new food trend at Radisson Blu Bucharest and bring the latest food and drink fashion to your events. Impress your guests from wild street food to new interpretations of Grandma’s classics.

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5. Collaboration is crucial

Things don’t simply end when everyone goes home: your event should hopefully be the start of a beautiful, ongoing relationship with your venue partner. Invoices should be detailed, swift, accurate and include commission. Ask for a personal feedback phone call, rather than an email or online survey to discuss how your next event could be even better.

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Finally, remember that proper preparation is the key to any successful event. So why wait till your next big event looms large?

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