Soaking up the seasons of Uppsala, Sweden [in pictures]

Uppsala, Sweden. View of the Botanic Garden from the area in front of Uppsala Castle

Explore the seasons of Sweden’s Uppsala. This city has incredible attractions, history and sites all year round that will leave you wanting more.

Uppsala is not only for students but it still gives off the vibe of being a university town, with energy bursting at its seams, draping the city in a blanket of buzz. It is quaint, it is beautiful and it is indescribable regardless of the time of the year. To help paint a picture of what your stay in Uppsala could look like, here are some snippets of the city sorted into seasons.


View of the King's graves and a tree in Gamla Uppsala, Sweden

As autumn is now upon us, the sky starts getting a little softer, the trees a little brighter and the city a little quieter. Enjoy a walk through the city, lightened by the orange hues of leaves as they flutter down beside you.

Don’t forget to stop for a coffee or meal by the Fyris River to soak in those last glimmering rays of sunshine.


Winter view of the church at sunrise in Gamla Uppsala, Sweden

Winter truly is wondrous in Uppsala. When rooftops are dusted in snow and puddles and ponds are frozen over, a whole new city emerges. Gamla Uppsala is especially beautiful at this time of the year with its old church and rolling meadows. Get that stony, mystical feeling when visiting Scandinavia’s largest church, Uppsala Cathedral, as the low sun casts shadows across it.

Uppsala Sweden woman iceskating on a lake

This is also a great time to test your skiing skills, ice skate on lakes and huddle up by the fire with a warm drink. Engage in the culture and enjoy fika, a cozy Swedish tradition of having coffee or tea with something sweet, shared with friends or family.


Uppsala Sweden northern lights above a hill

Although winter tends to be a favorite time to hunt down the northern lights, you could also get lucky in February and March. For the best chances, always check the reports and head well away from any unnatural light.

This is a perfect time to wander the beautiful parks in the city such as The Linnaeus Garden and the Botanical Garden. Everything is blooming and you will be walking to the sounds of birds singing.


You certainly don’t need to wait for summer to get your feet wet with all the indoor swimming spots, but nothing beats a dip in open water. There are a number of places to swim like the awesome Fjällnora recreational area and the beach at Lake Ekoln.

The city will be bustling with the eager to-be students and those enjoying a well-deserved break making summer a perfect time to soak up the vibes dancing through the streets. Slide across the lake with Conos Kajak tours, head to Uppsala Castle or check out the mythically intriguing Gamla (or old) Uppsala.

The city has a surprise at the turn of each season and is sure to lure you in with its unique feel. Be sure to check out Destination Uppsala’s website for more tips on what to do and see and book the best room in the city with Radisson Blu Hotel Uppsala.

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