How to Spark Creative Thinking in Business Meetings


Did you know that your creativity will slowly fade away if you are not using it? As scary as this may sound, sometimes it may seem impossible to be creative when your work life is full of excel sheets, marathon meetings and numerous checklists.

Luckily, creativity comes in all shapes and sizes – all you ready need is the proper environment to help spark the creative process. Here are some tips to get your creativity flowing during your next business meeting.


Find a creative space to spark creativity

Imagine a room with all-white walls, no decorations and no furniture. Now, don’t you think it would be pretty hard to be creative in a space like this? If you want to spark creative thinking, either on your own time or during a business meeting, then you need to place that induces creativity. The blank walls and sparse decorations typically found in a standard meeting room rarely contribute to this process. So, try to find a meeting room with creative furniture, technical features, and meeting utensils, like colored marker pens and white paper, that will allow you to get creative when you feel creativity set in. If you want to ignite creativity during a business meeting, make sure to stress the fact that all participants are encouraged to share ideas. When people feel safe enough to bring every idea to the table, interesting ideas appear. Sometimes you might also need a brief change of scenery in order to stay sharp during your meeting, so do not be afraid to step outside for some fresh air. The stylish Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock offers some impressive views over Rostock Sea Port and the Old Town from the roof top terrace on the 7th floor.



 Clear your mind to make room for creativity

Do you feel like you are too busy to get your creativity flow going? Squeezing in some time to exercise is a productive way to stimulate your creativity. Your mind is constantly working on digesting ideas – even when you think you are not thinking of anything at all! Any type of exercise that allows you to switch off your brain for a while is great for your creativity. Feeling motivated to go for a run in the park, ride your bike by the lake or go for a walk? If you are away on a business trip, make sure to stay at a hotel with fitness or gym facilities to help your brain unwind after a long day of meetings. Did you know that all Radisson Blu hotels have fitness facilities? If you don’t have time to go to the fitness facility during your stay, then opt for a short hotel room workout in your own room.

Radisson Blu Hotel Dusseldorf


 Going ‘back to the basics’ can increase creativity in meetings

Remember the days before computers and advanced technology? These times may be remembered as being inefficient, but they might have actually been beneficial for stimulating the creative process. So, turn off the computer, grab a pen and start jotting down notes - and even a few doodles. In team situations, the brainstorming and ideation process is often much more efficient without the use of computers. If it feels too difficult to completely abandon technology, you should try using a smart board – like the DigiChart at Radisson Blu Hotel, Hanover. At Radisson Blu, we are experts in successful meetings, which is why all meeting rooms as well as the Brain Box break-out rooms feature the latest technology. These tools can be great for making teamwork more efficient and easy, but also not hindering your creativity!



Get new impressions - book a trip

When we experience new things, meet new people and explore unknown locations, our creativity levels are naturally boosted. The best way to stimulate the creative process  would be to take time off from work, book a long trip and explore unknown territory. For most of us, this is not an option, so here is an alternative: book a business trip with your colleagues! Not only would this help strengthen your professional relationships, but it would also allow you to meet new people, get fresh inputs, and see things from different angles - everything you need to spark the creative thinking process! If you want to make the most of your business trip, find accommodation that will suit both purposes. Did you know that all Radisson Blu hotels in Germany are located in or near the city center, with a variety of parks nearby? This, combined with our modern meeting rooms featuring the latest technology, makes Radisson Blu the perfect place to unleash creative thinking and have successful meetings. Come see for yourself!

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